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Want to Save Energy at Home? Try These Tech Tools

Get a green house with energy saving techEveryone wants to save a few dollars on their energy bill, and everyone should do their part to help the environment. However, most people get caught up in the extremes of trying to save energy. It’s so often either “turn the lights off” or “we need solar panels!” The reality is, it’s much easier and usually more efficient to save energy with modern technology. You don’t have to break the bank to conserve power, and many solutions can improve your quality of life. Let’s take a look at some tech tools to help save energy.

Save Energy with a smart power strip, update them today.Save Energy With Smart Power Strips

Most people have an abundance of electronic devices plugged into various outlets around their home.  Our TVs, cell phones, computers, microwaves, lamps, and much more all run on electricity. That doesn’t seem like a big deal because these devices only draw what power they need, right? Wrong! Many electrical devices draw power even when they’re not turned on. In fact, consumer electronic devices account for 12 percent of residential energy usage, per the Consumer Technology Association. An easy way to combat this power draw is with smart power strips. These strips function just like your normal outlets, but only draw energy to powered on devices. In other words, devices receive just enough power to operate.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats bring next generation heating and cooling to your home in an inexpensive and easy to install package. Thermostats that run constantly make up more than half of your yearly energy bill. The goal of smart thermostats, like Nest, is to limit your HVAC system’s run time. This happens through automated run-time’s controlled both by the user and algorithmic learning. Your thermostat will learn your habits and adjust your heating and cooling system relative to your patterns, as well as the weather. Also available are individual sensors that detect motion and temperature. For example, if you go into a room the sensor will trigger, and if the temperature is below (or above for cooling) your setting, the system will activate. This helps regulate your system by keeping from unnecessarily heating or cooling rooms already at a comfortable temperature.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

We’re rounding out our last tip to save energy with a different take on savings technology. Geothermal heating and cooling is a much bigger undertaking than smart appliances, but it also saves more energy (money). These systems collect heat from underground to warm your home in the winter, and also are reversible to cool your home in the summer. Two types of geothermal systems exist, closed and open, and each functions slightly differently. Open systems pump groundwater into a heating element within your home, while closed systems hold the water in pipes below your home and radiate heat. Closed loop systems are usually more reliable and effective. Figuring out ways to save energy doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Modern technology affords us the luxury of convenience combined with savings. Our personal recommendation is to start small with smart appliances and work your way towards solar or geothermal energy.

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