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The Best Pizza Places in the East Bay Area

Looking for a slice in and around the Oakland East Bay area? If you’re like us and you drive around the city for a living, you want to have those favorite spots to catch a filling, interesting lunch before you head back out there. Or, if you happen to live in the area then maybe you’re looking for that reliable bite you can order to parties, solo dinners and everything in between. Luckily, there are a ton of great pizza places in the area and we’ve visited most of them. Here are the highlights.

  1. A Local’s Favorite: Cheeseboard Pizza 

Address: 1504 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA

Contact: 510-549-3183

The long and storied history of this pizza place has made it a popular staple for everyone in Berkeley and beyond, from broke students to rushed professionals. Expect a long line, but very delicious pizza. Sure, you have to try the single flavor available that day, but we find that almost all of the offerings are delicious. It’s always vegetarian. 

pollara pizza logo

  1. The Pizza Addict’s Place: Pollara Pizzeria 

Address: 1788 Fourth St Berkeley, CA

Contact: 510 529-4548

So, you wish you could eat pizza every day? You’ll need a bit more variety than is offered at the Cheeseboard. Instead, try Pollara Pizzeria, a great spot that focuses on very high-quality ingredients and scrumptious combinations. Our favorite is the Prosciutto pizza, with arugula and straciatella. It’s a divine option, but there are many more treats to be discovered here. 

benchmark pizza logo

  1. The Underrated Rustic Pizzeria: Benchmark Pizza 

Address: 1568 Oak View Ave Kensington, CA

Contact: 510 647-9724

For a delicious pizza straight out of the wood-fired oven give Benchmark Pizza a try. Benchmark Pizza has done it right with their on-point crust. We suggest you choose a classic like the sausage and olive pizza, but there is more to sample, including a vegan option. 

q's halal pizza logo

  1. The Hungry Halal House: Q’s Halal Pizza 

Address: 12847 San Pablo Ave Richmond, CA

Contact: 510 233-1920

When you want a wealth of halal options for your pizza, you need only head out to Richmond. This unique restaurant has found a way to blend your more traditional halal options with the rich tradition of pizza. Try a slice topped with lamb or beef gyro, plus your usual pepperoni, onions, tomatoes and peppers. The restaurant also offers platters with other traditional halal-friendly fare. 

namaste pizza logo

  1. The Kitchen of Zen: Namaste Pizza

Address: 5942 San Pablo Ave Oakland, CA

Contact: 510 601-1100

Perhaps it was once unusual to think of adding Indian ingredients to this classic Italian dish. But pizza has always been a fusion of ingredients from different places and personally, we find that Indian goes really well with it. If you want that experience, try out Namaste Pizza in Oakland. It sounds unusual but try the minty turkey kabobs pizza. As long as you like cilantro, you should love it. 

arthur mac's pizza logo

  1. The Classic Pizza Stop: Arthur Mac’s Tap and Snack 

Address: 4006 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA

Contact: 510 823-2509

Do you enjoy pizza but also crave that elevated, more adult feeling for your meal? This restaurant’s focus on taking the classics and making them classier and more delicious will appeal to you. Try Arty Style Margherita or Hella Hawaiian to see just what we’re talking about. Plus, you have to love a place that has a secret sauce, right?  


We hope to see you out and around the East Bay enjoying these favorite pizza stops. If you ever find the need for electrical repair or service please give Gentec Services a call at (925) 954-9780. 

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