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Spring Cleaning: Keeping Your Air Free of Allergens

Gentec Services can offer relief to Bay Area houses and business.

Are members of your family sniffling and sneezing through the Bay Area spring? The source of the discomfort might be your own home. Dirty ductwork can harbor mold, fungi, soot, dust, and mildew — and spring can be the best time to attack those toxic allergens with thorough duct cleaning.

Livermore-based Gentec Services offers professional duct-cleaning services throughout the Bay Area to ensure a safe and healthy spring and summer for you and your family.Cleaning Vent

Every time the blower motor kicks on it creates a change in the air pressure in the duct system that causes these particles to become dislodged from their resting places. If you happen to be near a heating and cooling vent when the motor kicks on, you could be inhaling a lot of this debris. If you live near a major freeway in the congested Bay Area, that debris could even include soot and particles from vehicle exhaust. Children are especially vulnerable to contaminants and allergens, and that can exacerbate childhood asthma.

Dirty ducts can also harbor creatures that might make your skin crawl: Dust mites. Thoroughly cleaning those heating and cooling ducts is no simple job: it requires a lot of technological expertise and knowledge of air pressure and how its sudden change can pump clouds of unhealthy dust into your home. That’s where Gentec comes in. We built our reputation offering highly technical and expert professional services.

Our techs have the right negative pressure tools to vacuum out your duct work without releasing extra allergens into the air. Regular maintenance is key, but there are some unsavory indicators your home or business ductwork may need a professional cleaning: musty odors that permeate your home; dander or pet hair visible on vents; and dust mites that suddenly start dancing when your HVAC system kicks on.

Dirty ducts are not only a threat to your family’s health, but they can also affect your family budget, too. As vents and filters become clogged, your HVAC system has to work harder — that increases your electric bills and can shorten the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.

Gentec also offers another service that could save your family’s life: thorough and expert cleaning of dryer ducts. Clogged and dirty dryer vents cause more than 10,000 house fires a year in the United States. That service is included at no extra cost with any duct cleaning.

So keep your family healthy and safe this spring. Schedule an appointment with a Gentec duct-cleaning expert to thoroughly clean your home’s duct system. Learn more family fun tips on our blog with our hiking trails near Livermoreore CA post.

There’s no telling what lurks within.

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