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Energy Management

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar array installation on Livermore company roofAt GENTEC Electrical Services, we sell, design and install commercial solar panel and photovoltaic (PV) systems for the San Francisco Bay Area. By integrating a solar PV system at your business location, you will curtail your yearly operating expenses by reducing your PG&E bill (on average your electric bill will increase 4-6% each year) and allow you an almost instant cashflow position. We have the core competency to complete your commercial scale solar project, To date, we have completed approximately 1 megawatts of power installed. That’s the equivalent of 1000 homes’ worth of power in one year.

Read more about GENTEC and solar here: http://livermore.patch.com/articles/solar-power-goes-mainstream

Generators & UPS Systems

Generator for Walnut Creek medical facilityBusiness happens 24/7and businesses require an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). GENTEC Services will design and install your UPS and multi-fuel generator systems. Some of our clients are businesses that have server rooms and biotech businesses that require redundant power for their critical power needs.

Lighting Retrofits

Warehouse with overhead fluorescent lightsLighting choices years ago consisted of “magnetic type ballasts” for florescent and high intensity discharge (HID). These types of ballasts are aprox. 50% efficient, meaning the by-product is heat and wasted energy.

Today there are a number of super efficient alternatives, from electronic ballasts, to LED and induction type fixtures. Today’s new generation of lighting alternatives represent almost near 100% efficiency, meaning for every dollar spent on power an equal amount of lighting is produced.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicle charging station installed in MilpitasGENTEC will design and install your electric vehicle charger station. From simple new circuits at a residential house to complex underground infrastructure at businesses, we will design and build the whole installation. Businesses can provide valuable charging opportunities for EV drivers who are out on the road shopping, working, or looking for a bite to eat. Call us, or visit our electric vehicle chargers page, to find out how to enhance customer loyalty with an EV charging infrastructure at your business.

Lighting Controls

Rustic stone sundialWith energy bills increasing 4-6% each year GENTEC will integrate a lighting control system to take advantage of “day light harvesting” by using the outside ambient sunlight to reduce the needs of overhead office lighting. We will also provide dimming systems for even the most complex lighting requirements, such as an auditorium, house of worship and corporate boardrooms.

Energy Management

Electric meter shows regular readingsWe live in the electrical world. We see and recognize very obvious ways customers can save on their PG&E bills. From Lighting retrofits, to whole house and large industrial ceiling fans, GENTEC will help you reduce your energy costs. We will also install VFD (variable frequency drives) on industrial motors to reduce the power consumption on start ups and varying power needs. We partner with a number of Bay Area mechanical companies and we can help reduce energy all your energy needs, beyond just electrical energy.

Gentec Strives to be your go to choice for all your electrical needs. Our service area covers the entire Bay Area including electricians Manteca service.

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