Security & Communications

Electronic Systems Installation

Voice & Data

Switch center station in FremontGENTEC Electrical Services is the Bay Area leader in converged communications, bringing your phone systems, network services, cable infrastructures and data networks together in a simple and powerful way. We help companies to focus on their businesses while we focus on their electronic systems and communications. Whether your company is moving, just starting or simply upgrading, Bay Area-based GENTEC Electrical Services is here to help from start to finish. Read More Here >>


Closed Circuit Television system in Pleasant HillEver wonder what goes on when you’re away from your business? Would you like to keep tabs on productivity, shrinkage or after-hours security? You should consider installing a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) electronic camera system. GENTEC designs and installs these types of electronic systems to work both inside or outside your business. We even allow you to view these cameras via your iPad, iPhone or Android smart phone platforms. Read More Here >>

Access & Security

Burglary deterrence system demonstratedWorkplace safety is very important these days, especially when you consider being able to see when people come and go. We can provide the electronic system components to integrate your entry doors, warehouse roll-ups, security gates with key fob or close proximity card access. GENTEC even can install fingerprint or retina readers. The integration of a CCTV takes these electronic systems to the next level in control.

Fire Alarm

Emergency response vehicle in motionGENTEC Electrical Services is a fully licensed and insured, locally-owned and operated fire protection electrical contractor serving the Bay Area. The emphasis of our company is to provide one-stop shopping at a competitive price to meet all of your fire protection and fire detection needs!


New meeting room installation tested with GENTEC logoCorporate AV: Being able to communicate a message, idea, thought or advertisement can be difficult in a large room setting. Getting that “thing” communicated consistently takes a company that understands the corporate environment as well as the users in that environment. We have this experience and understand the obstacles associated with them. From a simple LCD screen and computer interface in an office setting to a corporate boardroom with tele-conferencing and conference tables with pop-up media interfaces, to large conference meetings areas with retractable projector screens and automated drop down projector lifts. We understand, design and install these types of AV projects, and as an added bonus we also do the power and lighting. So one call to GENTEC Electrical Services does it all.

Home Theaters: Most homeowners don’t have a dedicated home theater room, however that doesn’t mean a typical living room can’t be transformed into home theater setting with the touch of a button on a remote. We can integrate any living room or play room into the setting you choose. We can place all your AV components in a closet out of sight, we can provide power behind TVs mounted on a wall, and we even have exterior rated TV displays that can go near a pool area to watch the ball game. Audio, video, lighting, power and RF controls, one call does it all.

RFID & Wireless

Bar code scanner for shipping center in Walnut CreekInventory and asset control electronic systems consist of knowing where every product is at any time in the supply chain. GENTEC Services can help design and deploy these types of electronic systems from a typical warehouse location to multi-floor hospitals and patient care facilities. The use of Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chips or stickers adhered to every pallet or asset (wheelchair, forklift, etc.), embedded in products, gives that asset a unique address. RF scanners can input these assets into a database, as these assets move within a geographical area they can be tracked and located. WiFi internet access allows multiple technologies to communicate with one another. We can provide WAN, Wide area networks, over a campus for seamless access and communications without the need of running costly conduits and wires.