Recessed Can Lighting Fixtures

Canned and Recessed Lighting InstallationRemoving old fashioned lighting fixtures and putting in more modern recessed can lighting can really give an updated look to your kitchen or other areas of your home. Recessed can lights are great for providing extra light to brighten up a room, or highlight work areas.

There are lots of options when it comes to these types of lights:

  • Eyeball lights
  • Fixed can lights
  • LED lights
  • Track lights

Speak with a qualified electritian and lighting expert who can help you to assess your lighting needs and make sure your wiring is set up to handle the lights once they’re installed. Do you need dimmer switches? 3-way switches? Additional switches?

Call GENTEC Services at 800-391-6517 to discuss your recessed can lighting needs and make sure the wiring is there to safely support the new lights once they’ve been installed.

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