Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Fleets and Public Access Chargers

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular both for members of the public and for businesses that need a fleet of vehicles. They offer environmentally sound operation, and other benefits, but many choose not to purchase them because of lack of access to a charging station. If you’re not sure where you’ll charge your vehicle, why buy it? Usually, charging stations are quite expensive to install. However, through government incentives, you now have the option to get a charged station for the public at absolutely no-cost. Or, you can get a fleet charging station for your own business.

Gentec Services can install both free charging stations for public access and stations for your business’ own fleet. Discover the advantages of both below and why you should choose Genetec Services.

EV DC Fast Chargers

EV Fast Chargers for Public Access

So long as the public has access to the station, you can get a completely free EV fast charging station. This is a 3rd level DC charging station, the fastest EV chargers on the market and often used as range extenders.

Public Access Electric Vehicle ChargingWe use federal and state funding to lower the costs. Then, a 3rd party owner investor provides the rest of the capital needed to build your charging station. The owner/investor will also cover all of the other costs associated with the station, including:

  • All installation costs
  • All operating costs
  • All maintenance costs
  • All electricity charges for the station

In return, the owner/investor will collect the revenue from the station, as well as the low carbon fuel credits. They retain ownership of the station, too. But, once their period of ownership is over you can then take over the station and assume all revenues and costs. If you decide that is not in your best interests, Gentec Services will remove the station at no cost to you.

The Benefits of Public Chargers for Your Business

Why should you get a public electric vehicle charger on your property? There are many benefits:

Attract customers: An electric charging station is an excellent high-end amenity that your target customer may appreciate, or even expect. Higher income customers will drop by for the charging station and end up staying to patronize your business. If you have long-term clients, they may select your business because of your chargers.

Invest in charging without the upfront costs: Electric vehicles are growing in popularity. You can set yourself up to run a charging station, without incurring the start-up costs. If, when your investor’s ownership period is over, there isn’t enough demand to make your charging station profitable, then you can have it removed at no cost to you. However, it’s more likely that you will be able to make a great deal of money on it.

Green reputation: Do you need to generate positive press about your business? Change its reputation, or further it’s reputation as a sustainable company? Adding a charging station is a great way to do this at no cost to you.

Low carbon fuel tax credits: Once you have the option of taking over the charger yourself, you can collect the low carbon fuel tax benefits.

Which kinds of businesses are most likely to benefit from having a public access electric vehicle charging station?

Parking garage companies | Schools, colleges and universities | Shopping centers | Airports | Offices | Restaurants

Fleet Charging Stations

Charging of Electric VehiclesGentec Services can install a fleet charging station for your company’s fleet of electric vehicles. This can allow you to experiment with having electric vehicles in your fleet without having to handle the high investment cost of a fleet charging station.

The station that we install is a DC fast chargers, the highest-powered EV chargers on the market. You can keep your operation running quickly, with little downtime for charging vehicles, with these high-end chargers.

Why Choose Electric Vehicles for Your Business?

There are many benefits of keeping an electric vehicle fleet and getting a dedicated charger to service them.

  • Lower operating costs: Charging a vehicle can cost less than paying for gas for your fleet. Also, electricity costs are typically more predictable over time than gas costs. This can help you plan expenses better and have a healthier cash flow.
  • Green reputation: Start to build a reputation as a green company, or further enhance the reputation you already have by investing in sustainable vehicles.
  • Low carbon fuel credits: Purchasing and using electric vehicles can get you tax benefits depending on your state.

Why Choose Gentec Services?

Whether you’re looking for a public access charging station or a dedicated one for your own fleet, why should you work with Gentec Services? We offer unique partnerships with 3rd party investors so that you don’t have to pay the up-front, maintenance or operating costs. But there are other reasons to work with us too:

  • Certified provider from CALeVIP: The California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) is dedicated to promoting electric vehicle infrastructure through the state. We are a certified provider through this organization.
  • Experience: We have over a decade of electrical service and are committed to quality and maintaining high standards of technical expertise.
  • Customers come first: Especially in large projects, you need to trust your electrician. We build your trust by always putting you first, answering your questions promptly and clearly, and always going above and beyond.

If you’d like to have a no-cost Electric Vehicle Charging Station, reach out to us today.

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