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With GENTEC Electrical Services, we guarantee the highest quality of electric work and all of our Pleasanton electricians are fully licensed and insured. You can expect that our electricians will be able to help you with any electrical need while maintaining an excellent customer service attitude.

Our staff has years of experience that has given us the insight to deal with any electrical job, big or small. If you are in the market for a new lighting system, need some updates, or just simply need a new appliance installed, our professional electricians will get the job done right the first time, saving you time and hassle.

All of our techs are required to go through detailed training and have over 8,000 hours of work experience, in addition to holding all the necessary state certifications to become an electrician. We bring together experience, quality workmanship, and the latest technology to deliver the absolute best service in the entire area.

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Our Pleasanton Electricians Provide Flawless Workmanship – Every Time

While searching for a top notch company to perform a service or complete a job, there are many things to keep in mind that are not going to show up on a checklist. You want a company that will make neat, clean service a priority with courteous staff who are patient and willing to explain the repairs in detail.

This is a key difference between a service that could be so-so, and an exceptional one. We strive to be exceptional, so you can expect to find those excellent technicians that are experts in their field, but also willing to work with you.

When it comes to electricians in Pleasanton, there isn’t another service that compares. We’re fast, efficient, customer-friendly and ready to serve you now. While you may be tempted to use a local handyman to fix your electrical issues, there is no substitute for a well trained professional.

A handyman that does electrical work on the side may know the basics, but do you really want to trust the safety of yourself and your family to someone who does not do electrical work for a living? One error and an electrical fire could reduce your home to a pile of ashes. Saving a few bucks should not be worth risking such a catastrophic disaster. Call us now and get the confidence that comes with a professional.

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Gentec Has Commercial Electricians In Pleasanton

Your business requires the eye of a well trained commercial electrician. The electrical needs for a single person living in a condo is drastically different from a factory looking to increase efficiency.

Our commercial electricians in Pleasanton have assisted small business owners with the essentials they need to stay open as well as large scale business complexes with multiple electrical devices that need to stay connected all day, everyday.

Commercial electricians need to work efficiently and need to have little to no impact on your day to day operations without skimping on quality. You can expect the highest level of care and service from the smallest repair jobs to a massive redesign of your entire electrical system to help run your business as smoothly as possible.

At the same time, we also understand that you need to make your business inviting for potential customers. You can expect high quality electrical work that is aesthetically pleasing and actually helps the overall look of your business.

Residential And Commercial Backup Generators

Due to recent events more and more homeowners are looking into ways to keep the power on to some or all of their homes during a power outage. At Gentec Services, we are the leading provider of home backup generators in Pleasanton. We work with any size home to create and set up the perfect power outage solution.

You can have enough power to keep everything going with just a flip of the switch or we can install smaller systems that just keep the essentials on when the lights go out. All systems have professional transfer switch installation in Pleasanton as well. That part of the job should always be handled by a licensed professional electrician like those at Gentec.

If you are just getting started researching what home generator is right for you then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help show you what size, type, and the system will be the best fit for your home and budget.

We also offer commercial backup generators as well. These systems are built for heavier use and to withstand heavy use. Whatever type of business you have we can have your power backup ready to go at a moment’s notice.

So you can relax and know your business will be running smoothly no matter what the power situation is in Pleasanton.

Home Automation Services to Make Life Easier

Have you ever gotten a new phone or computer and come to find that in just a few months, it is considered obsolete? Technology moves so quickly, it can be different to keep up. With GENTEC Services, you can expect the latest technology from our professional electricians in Pleasanton team so you do not fall behind.

For decades, home automation has been a goal even being depicted in movies and television as a sort of dream-like future. By now, we all expected our homes to be in line with what we saw on television like being able to talk to appliances to control them, or sensors that respond to us as soon as we walk into a room.

These depictions are not just part of television. There are dozens of devices that can be installed into your home, office, or business that help to ease your day to day life and give you that cool technological edge.

Imagine your lighting system in your room. Families have had to deal with people leaving the switch up, or trying to turn on the switch while your hands are full. With our customized lighting systems, those do not need to be a concern for you.

Lighting controls offer you better security to deter thieves, help you save energy (which then saves you money), modernizes the work and living space, helps to set tone for the room or occasion, and puts the power on controlling your lights in your hands.

We can install lighting that responds to someone when they walk into a room, or accommodates the room based on how much natural light is coming in. Dimming features let you control the brightness, so it will never be too dark or too bright for your liking. With home automation devices, you will save time and money.

Smart Home Control and Automation

Electric Vehicle Chargers Right in Your Home

Electric vehicles are such a wise investment considering the money to save you on gas and maintenance, plus they are so much better for the environment.

It can be a big step to finally go electric, and many worry about the logistics of charging their new car. You will never have to worry about searching around for nearby power stations, because you can set up a system right in your garage. Car dealerships will sometimes offer you an in-home charging system when you buy it, but choosing to go with a trained electrician will save you money and you can go with a company you trust.

GENTEC electricians in Pleasanton perform an audit of your home’s electrical output to make sure that your home is ready to accommodate a car charger. If this audit is not performed, you may find yourself with a headache of electrical issues. If we find that it is necessary, we can upgrade your panel during this exact same service call which saves you the time and money of needing to schedule a separate service call.

Keeping You Safe with Security Systems

As much as we love our community, it is a fact that no place is truly safe from theft and break-ins. Whether it is at your home or business, a closed circuit TV security system can monitor your property all day and can protect you in the event of a loss, or help to catch the thieves right away.

We offer a variety of options to fit your needs, whether you want just a simple motion detection security system, or a full 24 hours a day monitoring surveillance system. We can advise you during the process, and will keep your wants and budget in mind.

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Electrical outlet Installation in Pleasanton

No More Blown Fuses–Let’s Give You an Upgrade

You are getting ready for the day and so is everyone else in your home. Suddenly having the toaster, hairdryer, phone chargers, electric shavers turn on all at once and then everything gets silent. You now have to make your way to the side of the house and check the fuse box.

An outdated fuse box can not only create this familiar problem, but they can also be dangerous. They can lead to electric problems, shorts, and could even be a fire hazard. To protect your home and family, have a qualified professional assess your fuse box to ensure that your home is not at risk.

GENTEC Services is the Most Trusted Pleasanton Electricians

Honesty, integrity, safety, and customer satisfaction are our biggest concerns. We want all of our customers to have the peace of mind that their electrical work will be safe, and that they are not going to feel nickeled and dimed for unnecessary upgrades.

This is why we charge by the job, not by the hour, so you know how much you will be paying before the job starts. And whatever price is quoted to you will be the price you pay. If unforeseen circumstances led to the job taking longer, that does not mean you have to cough up more money. Whatever your electrical need, in your home or your business, GENTEC Services is standing beside you.

Call us today at 925-373-1682, to schedule a consultation, or fill out our online service request form. Our Pleasanton electricians are waiting for you! We also serve San Ramon, Dublin and the rest of the East Bay area.

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