Pleasanton Electricians

Your Pleasanton electricians for all electrical repairs, installations, and services

Pleasanton CA kitchen wiring by certified electriciansAre you looking for high-quality electrical work from a fully licensed and insured Pleasanton electrician? GENTEC Electrical Services offers that and more. Our exceptional staff has been handling residential electrical installations and repairs for years and during that time we’ve picked up more than a few handy tricks.

If you’re in the market for a new lighting system or updated electrical service, or simply need a new appliance installed, our professional techs will get the job done right. Every tech has been thoroughly trained and has over 8,000 hours of industry specified work experience and has passed the state certification test. We bring together experience, quality workmanship and the latest industry technology to deliver the absolute best service in the entire area.

Our Pleasanton Electricians Provide Flawless Workmanship – Every Time

Pleasanton Electrician installing wired smoke detectorWhen you’re looking for a top notch company there are some intangibles that don’t show up on most checklists. Things like neat, clean service by courteous technicians and the willingness to explain repairs in detail can mean the difference between a so-so service call and an exceptional one. We strive to be exceptional, so not only will your home look as good as it did when we arrived (sometimes even better) but you’ll also be confident that the repairs were made by a knowledgeable tech.

When it comes to Pleasanton electrical contractors, there isn’t another service that compares. We’re fast, efficient, customer friendly and ready to serve you now. While you may be tempted to use a local handyman to fix your electrical issues, there is no substitute for a well trained professional. A handyman that does electrical work on the side may know the basics, but do you really want to trust the safety of yourself and your family to someone who doesn’t do electrical work for a living? One error and an electrical fire could reduce your home to a pile of ashes. Saving a few bucks shouldn’t be worth risking such a catastrophic disaster. Call us now and get the confidence that comes with a professional.