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Pleasant Hill Electrical Contractors

Electrical problems don’t happen every day. But when they do, it isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Our Pleasant Hill electricians specialize in home wiring and electrical repairs.

Quality is essential for safe and stable electrical systems because even one error or oversight can lead to a potentially devastating fire. Our techs are experts at diagnosing the cause of electrical issues and have extensive experience in residential repairs.

You can count on us to quickly identify and repair any existing problems and any potential future issues due to your current configurations.

Pleasant Hill Electrician cutting wire

Residential Electricians In Pleasant Hill Light Up Your Home

Providing a safe and comfortable home for you and your family is our top priority. Faulty electrical work can create an unsafe place for your home. An electrician who cuts corners to save time and money will undoubtedly cause you nothing but headaches later. Trust our residential electricians in Pleasant Hill to turn the lights on for you.

We can also transform your home into the 21st century with customized electrical work and automation. Technology is always improving to provide individuals with safer and more efficient appliances. Your electrical system needs to have the capacity to use those new things without becoming completely overwhelmed. Gentec electricians can provide you with all the valuable insight to make the best decision for your home.

Commercial Electricians To Customize Your Business

A dark and dreary business will not only be uncomfortable to work, but it will actually deter people from spending money there. Businesses need to have a welcoming and inviting look and the fact of the matter is that the lighting in your business can change everything.

Our expert commercial electricians in Pleasant Hill can work with your business to create an entirely new atmosphere. As a business ourselves, we know that you need to be able focus on your day to day operations even when you are in need of service. We will work within your boundaries with as little impact to your business as possible.

We ensure that the job will always get done right the first time so you do not have to worry about an electrician busting in to interrupt your business for weeks on end.

Use Gentec as your commercial electrician in Pleasant Hill today.

Other Cities We Service

Our Electricians In Pleasant Hill Cover Networking And Data Wiring 

If you are looking to put on a new addition or need to add a 220V appliance to your home, call us in. We specialize in new wiring and circuit break upgrades and installation.

In addition to those services, we can help you keep your home safe by doing a full electric service inspection, including all electrical outlets, wiring, appliances and couplings.

We’ll identify any frayed wires, ungrounded wires or potentially dangerous situations and advise you on the proper way to fix them. Our expert electricians in Pleasant Hill are well trained when it comes to the networking needs of your home or business.

There is special care that must be taken when it comes to data wiring and as we revamp your electrical setup, we can also redo your data wiring to develop a more efficient system.

You will notice more speed and less system outages because we can design your networking system to run as efficiently as possible based upon your needs. 

image of data wiring installation by Gentec Services

We Provide Written Estimates

Our Pleasant Hill electricians always give you a written estimate for any project that we are called in on. We won’t start work until we have a signed estimate so you aren’t hit with surprise fees at the end of a job.

This is part of the professional difference. Some contractors will give you a low ball estimate and then add on several additional fees. We feel this is a very dishonest practice.

Our Pleasant Hill electricians won’t start any work until we’ve shown you a comprehensive work order. We’ll walk you through every part of the estimate to make sure that you understand what is going to be done and why it is necessary.

If you don’t want something fixed or can’t cover the costs, we can adjust the estimate or offer up a payment plan.

Pleasant Hill Backup Generator Installation

Backup generator installations can keep your home and business up and running without a worry from the power company. The frequency of local power outages has increased in recent history and that can weigh on your daily life.

An alternative fuel source backup generator in Pleasant Hill can put your mind at ease knowing your home or business will be able to keep the essential appliances up and running all the time.

The magic to a backup generator is when an automatic transfer switch is installed. Manual transfer switches are an option, but when the power goes out, you have to go manually to the backup generator.

When an automatic transfer switch is installed, the switch detects when the power from the street goes out, and in a few seconds it starts the generator and switches to backup power automatically. You will hardly even know when the power goes out.

Gentec Services Is The Leading Backup Generator Installer In Pleasant Hill

Gentec Services is a certified Generac installer. We specialize in backup generators that are selected to fit your power needs. The proper size and installation of a generator is an important decision to make sure your power needs will be met.

Backup generators can be fueled by natural gas or propane. Call Gentec Services today to get a certified installer to give you a written estimate about the project.

We Provide Electric Vehicle Charging For Everyone

Many are considering changing their lifestyle in order to better help the environment. One of the most common changes people are making boils down to the car they drive.

As electric vehicles become more available for people, we need to consider the strain this may cause on electrical systems. One of the ways to reduce that strain is by supporting your system with a customized electric vehicle charging station for your home and business.

Our electricians in Pleasant Hill can examine your current electrical layout and design the most efficient electric vehicle charging station to meet your needs. We have the training and experience to install innovative systems, like a solar battery, to create the best set up to meet your needs.

Generac Commercial Generator
image of and electric vehicle being supercharged

Diamond Certified Electricians in Pleasant Hill with Over 10 Years of Experience

Another major advantage that our Pleasant Hill electricians have over the competition is our years of experience.

Electrical systems can have some very unique problems that aren’t covered in even the most thorough training courses. There is absolutely no substitute for experience, and we’ve got the most in the area.

We’ve repaired hundreds of systems with thousands of unique issues from poorly insulated wiring to damage done by rodents. It doesn’t matter what caused the problem, our tech will find it and get it fixed so you can get back to your daily routine now!

Smoke Detector installation from Pleasant Hill Electrician

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