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Our Oakland Electricians Offer Home Inspection Services

If you’re buying a home in Oakland, here’s some advice from our Oakland electricians. During the buying process you should be looking closely at the wiring and electrical systems. Even though a general home inspector may be of help in determining the structural soundness of the home, he may not be well versed in the ins and outs of electrical service. Because most mortgages require a home inspection by a licensed inspector, you’ll need to get one, but you need to make sure that you get a full inspection. Our Oakland electrical contractors are there to fill this important gap of knowledge and make sure your electrical systems are in working order and if not, how much it will cost to get them there.

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Backup Generator Installations In Oakland

Backup generators installed for your business and home ensure that you are not relying completely on the public utility. The frequency of power outages has continued to increase for a number of reasons throughout the Bay Area. When the power goes out, your business and home come to a screeching halt.

Our lives are tied to the grid more than ever and there are essential devices that our home or business need constantly. If you have any worry about an appliance not have constant power, a backup generator is the solution. Backup generators vary in size and will be able to power all of your appliances and devices in the case of a power outage. As a certified Generac installer, Gentec Services will design the backup power system to suit your specific needs.

Backup generators have a switch that is installed between the street power and the generator. That switch can either be a manual or automatic. The automatic switch detects when the power goes out and sends a signal to turn on the generator to turn on and supply power to your panel. The generator is power by an alternative fuel source so you can rest assured you have a backup. Natural gas or propane are the preferred fuel sources that can keep your lights on.

Call Gentec Services today to get a trained technician to give you a quote on a custom solution to fit your needs. We will design a backup power system for your home or business in Oakland.

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Call An Oakland Electrician To Protect Your Home & Family

When buying any new home, you’ll want to know what if any defects there are, or safety hazards. Items that rate high on the list are things like aluminum wiring, GFCI receptacles, grounding and water leaking into service parts. The two of these that are most critical, dangerous and expensive are the aluminum wiring and water leaks into the main service. If you are just moving into a home you purchased, there are some things you can do to be sure your Oakland electrical system is safe. We highly recommend that all these devices be changed to new ones. This would be all the switches and receptacles. Because the majority of electrical problems occur when termination points become loose or corroded, updating your plugs and switches is the most sensible catch-all option for preventing electrical damage to your electronics, appliances, and house, all at once. It’s also one of the least expensive, both in terms of prevention and in terms of the damage it can prevent.

The other item to consider changing is light fixtures. This can be a bit expensive so if it isn’t in your budget try to at least change the very old ones. The reason for changing these is older fixture wires tend to get very brittle. If the bulbs used in them over the years were of an improper wattage, they may have corroded even faster. This is also an excellent opportunity to replace any incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency CFLs, which can both help keep your sockets working for longer and lower your monthly energy usage.

The peace of mind you will get, knowing that a qualified Oakland electrician has deemed your home’s electrical system to be safe, is well worth the money spent.