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New Commercial Electrical Service

The main electrical service is the heart of any businesses operation, it is proven that an annual or semi-annual “preventative maintenance program” can eliminate unnecessary outages. Many main electrical services are simply not maintained, in fact the old adage, “out of site, out of mind” is the reason many electrical professionals reap huge windfalls of profits every year. A simple PM program can eliminate hundreds of thousands dollars in outages and loss revenue.

As businesses start to grow and expand, it becomes clear more breaker space is needed. However often times, the main electrical service is overlooked. Electrical systems that were never designed for expansion are now taxed to the point of critical mass. GENTEC Electrical Services can monitor and analyze the existing electrical service to see if it will support current operations, we can additional thermo-test the electrical apparatus to look for possible “hot spots” this allows for repairs during weekend or off hours.

GENTEC Electrical Services can also facilitate a design/build for a new electrical services, UPS, or a generator to keep up with expansion, a possible new process or equipment line. We’ve worked with commercial and industrial clients in Livermore, Sonoma, Fairfield and beyond, so please don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials.

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