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Honey, Did You Set The Thermostat?

AC thermostatsHave you seen the commercials promoting whole home control of your lights, thermostats? It seems the major players in the telecom sector along with some in the alarm sector are vying for a piece of your pie. These other companies offer a turnkey solution that combine many facets of your home that are now automated through the internet. I personally know of times when our thermostat got overrode the night before and didn’t get put back to the “schedule”. You can now remotely connect to your homes heating & cooling system and confirm the right settings. As a homeowner you have many options these days when it comes to controlling your heating & Air Conditioning system. Most thermostats offer “anticipation circuitry” meaning it anticipates when a set point will be reached so it adjusts prior to maximize the effect keeping you cool or warm at your desired temperature. Some thermostats offer touchscreens, outside temperature, cover art such as family photos or your local service provider number so you know who to call in the event of an issue.  Thermostats allow you to control your air conditioning and heating system as well as control how far you have to open your wallet when its time to pay your utility bill.

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