Home Automation: Making Your Daily Life Easier with Lighting Controls

Technology seems to progress so quickly that sometimes it seems like all we have to do is blink and our products are outdated. Luckily, technological advancements are starting to broaden so we are not just talking about computers and cell phones. Home automation has been a technological goal for decades. Movies and television throughout the years depicted futuristic homes with the ability to talk to our appliances to control them or sensors that know to respond from simply something standing in front of it. Well, these fictional depictions can now be a reality. Today, there are dozens of devices that can be set up in our home that can make our lives easier and Gentec Services Inc. is a Bay Area leader in modernizing your home, office, business.

The first step to modernizing your living or work space is to examine your lighting systems. No longer will you need to work about forgetting to flip the switch off when you leave a room, or struggling to find the switch in the dark. Lighting controls allow us to brighten our rooms in a variety of ways, so it is not as simple as just turning the light on and off. Thebenefits of lighting controls include:

  • Smart Home Control and AutomationBetter Security
  • Save Energy, Save money
  • Reduce Energy Output
  • Title 24 Compliance
  • Modernizes Your Living or Work Space
  • Set tone or mood for the room and occasion
  • Gives you the power to control your lights

Daylight Harvesting Lighting Controls

One of the most impressive features of automated lighting controls is daylight harvesting. Your lights can now respond to the amount of sun shining in the room and make adjustments throughout the day without you needing to adjust the dial. The best kind of lighting is the kind that can save you time and money, and the sun is the most readily available and cost effective option. Gentec Services can equip any room with daylight harvesting equipment to turn the lights on, off, or dim them to maximize using the sun as your natural light source. This will save you money on your monthly energy bills and make the room much more aesthetically inviting and comforting.

Title 24 Compliance

smart thermostat

Signed in 2014, Title 24 is now the standard all California residential and commercial properties need to refer to when developing new construction projects or making renovations. The purpose to have all homes and businesses reduce their energy consumption to help the environment. Gentec Services Inc. is well versed in Title 24 requirements and can help you fit into the guidelines without breaking the bank. One of largest drains on our energy consumptions is how we manage our lights. Turning a light off when leaving a room or using sunlight as your light source are some of the basic suggestions for reducing energy consumption. Let Gentec Services Inc. make your home or office Title 24 compliant with any of the following setups.

Automatic Timers

Daylight Timers

Automated Dimmers

Solar Panel Installation

Lighting Retrofits

Brighten Someone’s Day with Occupancy Sensors

No one likes to waste electricity by turning the lights on for no purpose. Occupancy sensors are motion detecting devices that automatically respond once activated. You can come home with your arms full of groceries and have the lights turn on the moment you walk into the kitchen. Your office or business can focus the lighting on where the work is happening and cut down your energy costs. Going to be away from home? Sensors and automated lights can make it so that your lights are timed to turn on at certain hours to appear as if your someone is around, deterring thieves. Gentec Services Inc.’s top priority is customer safety and satisfaction. Call us today for a consultation and we are happy to provide you all that you need to put the power in your hands.

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