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Get an Energy Audit Before Old Man Winter Gets a Foot in the Door

How energy efficient is your home? Most homeowners have no idea. The best way to find out is to have a professional energy audit. With a professional audit you’ll be able to pinpoint the areas in your house that are costing you money. Air leaks are the number one offender when it comes to energy efficiency. They allow your heated (or cooled) air to leak into areas of the home that you don’t use, or worse, directly outside.

  Leaks happen. They are a result of oversight in the building process, a lack of maintenance and insect or animal damage. Since energy costs are climbing, not addressing these issues gets more costly every year. An energy audit can identify the source of leaks as well as other energy wasting problems. We check for –

  • Air infiltration through cracks in the home, poorly sealed windows and doors, electrical outlets, light switches, heating and cooling registers and the areas around plumbing pipes.
  • Proper insulation levels in the attic and walls.
  • Air leaks in the heating and cooling units.
  • Leaks in the ductwork, plenum, and register connections.

Once you’ve located the areas that need to be taken care of, many of the fixes can be done in one weekend. Caulking leaks around window and door casings, laying attic insulation and adding weather stripping to the base of doors are all simple fixes. By taking care of these energy zapping issues you can expect to significantly reduce the amount of electricity or natural gas you use to heat your home and achieve better comfort levels throughout your home.

Sometimes the culprits are old HVAC units that leak or are generally less efficient than newer models. The EPA suggests replacing any air conditioner or furnace that is over 10 years old with an Energy Star certified model. This replacement can result on over $200 in energy savings every year. It is important to check with a professional before picking a unit so you get one that is sized correctly for your home. Getting a larger unit than you need to can lead to poor performance and an uncomfortable home. MONEY Tiles We also suggest installing a programmable thermostat to control your HVAC equipment. This can add to overall energy efficiency by allowing the units to rest while you are not home and kick on in enough time to make your home comfortable before you return home from work. See what you need to fix and get some expert advice on how to lower your energy costs. Call GENTEC to schedule an energy efficiency audit today.

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