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Home Garage Fluorescent Lighting and Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Fluorescent lighting installationYour garage may have only one light in it – the dim garage door opener. Wouldn’t it be nice to have bright fluorescent light fixtures or LED lighting? Making sure you have the right number and type of lighting fixtures as well as having the correct wiring to support it, is critical. By having the right lights set up on a timer, a sensor or just a simple switch can give you the light you need to unload the car, safely access your home, or even work on the car.

GENTEC Services can help you make the right decisions about the types of fluorescent or incandescent fixtures you might want or even spots to highlight a work area. They will evaluate your breaker panel and wiring to make sure it’s all up to code and is safe so you don’t put your home or your family at risk.

Call today to find out more about how you can have the perfect lighting setup in your garage or workshop. We service the entire California East Bay, including all of Alameda and Contra Costa county, which means that we’re the electrician for you.

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