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Choosing a good electrician isn’t as easy as opening the Yellow Pages and pointing a finger. You really need to do your homework. If you choose the wrong contractor it can be financially devastating and even dangerous. Every electrical contractor in Fremont must be licensed, but there are several different licenses out there. So, when you first start looking and asking if a contractor is licensed, bonded and has liability insurance, you need to make sure that the electrician is licensed for the type of work that you are looking for. The best place to start answering some of these questions is at the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors and / or the Division of Consumer Affairs (basically the Authority having Jurisdiction), and of course, the Better Business Bureau.

Then, after your preliminary questions have been answered, ask the prospective Fremont electrician if he can provide you with references. This is extremely important because references can give you information about the intangibles that often make the difference between one contractor and the next. You’ll find out about their expertise, honesty, integrity, reputation and willingness to work with customers.

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Backup Generator Installation In Fremont

Gentec Services saw the need from a few customers to become experts in the backup generator installation in Fremont when power outages have become more common for everyone in the Bay Area. These generators are designed to last decades and provide peace of mind for your home or business knowing you will have a secondary source of power. We are more dependent than ever on the appliances we use daily, a backup generator can ensure that you are not waiting hours or days for the public utility to fix the issue.

Backup generators installed in Fremont can use two different sources of fuel. Natural gas or propane are the most common options to power your generator. Once the generator is installed, it can run self diagnostics to make sure that the system is ready in the time of need. A transfer switch between the generator and the street is installed to allow for power to only be delivered from one source at a time. The switch powers up your breaker panel to keep your lights on and appliances running. Call Gentec Services for a quote today.

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Homeowners Appreciate Gentec As Their Electrician In Fremont

Homeowners hope to only have to pay an electrician a few times in their life. Ideally, your electrician should be someone who is dependable and really only has to come out for minor repairs or upgrades.

You need to be able to rest assured knowing that your home has a safe electrical system that will not result in a devastating house fire. Our residential electricians in Fremont ensure this by maintaining the same level of dedication to customer satisfaction and safety no matter the size of the job.

Even if our team visits your home for a quick repair, we will happily make suggestions on how to make your electrical system run safer and more efficiently than ever before.

Commercial Electricians In Fremont

When you compare Fremont today to Fremont thirty years ago, you would think you are looking at two different cities. Fremont has become a booming society with tons of business and lots of homes. People flocked to Fremont for its convenient location and charming businesses. Our commercial electricians in Fremont are locals who understand the vibe in Fremont and want to work to preserve it. While safety and efficiency are crucial when it comes to the electrical needs for your business, aesthetics matter too. For this reason, we offer an array of services to help your business boom while looking its best including;

  • Design and Design Assist
  • Business Remodels and Retrofits
  • Electrical Code Corrections
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Electrical for Signs
  • Landscape Lighting Controls
  • Exterior Security Lighting
  • Backup Generator Installations
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Parking Lot Lighting

EV Chargers Installation In Fremont That Work With Solar

Solar power is an excellent renewable energy source. Especially now that it is getting more affordable to install solar panels, there is an increasing demand for non-gas dependent industries including electric cars.

The state has also passed pieces of legislation that will continue to proceed with incentives for people and continue to drive up demand for electric cars.

With all of these extra electric cars on the road, it is necessary for an experienced and well-trained electrician to examine the charging area for the vehicle to make sure it has everything needed

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At GENTEC Services, our outstanding professional staff is comprised of highly trained Fremont electricians, recruited for their particular expertise, integrity and commitment to excellence.

We are BBB accredited and have an outstanding customer service record. By choosing our electrical service you are assured of receiving top notch electrical service from the best contractors in the entire area. We offer comprehensive services that include everything from installing new outlets, dimmer switches and light fixtures to full rewiring and additional 220V service.

Contact us today for the leading electricians in Fremont to help with all of your electrical needs.

We also provide service for electricians in Newark CA, electricians in Union City, and everywhere else in the area.

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