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Alamo Electricians

There are several reasons that you might need an Alamo electrician. Most of our calls aren’t for new home construction, although we do quite a bit of that type of work, usually we get called in to add 220V service or to rewire faulty electric fixtures. More often than not, we are able to fix the issue within just a few hours of being called. This is because we are highly trained, expertly skilled electric contractors. It might shock you to find out that not every electrician needs to be licensed by the State of California to offer services in Alamo, but it’s true. All of our techs carefully licensed and insured to handle every electric issue that may occur in your home or business. Don’t trust your electric work to an unlicensed contractor, a contractor that does work “on the side” or a handyman that claims to be a “jack-of-all-trades.” We specialize in electrical installation and repair. It’s all we do.

Alamo Residential Electrical Services

Gentec Services offers residential electrical services in Alamo. We only hire and train the best electricians and hold our work to a higher standard. We arrive on time with a fully loaded truck to complete most of our work quickly and affordably. Call us today to get a quote for any and all of your electrical needs. From light switches to full home wiring, we can do it all.

Alamo is right within our service area so we can usually get to your calls quickly. We have seen all the electrical problems you have had and some more than you can’t even imagine. So if there are the small or large issues you have been waiting to ask about, there is no better time than now. Just give us a call today to talk to an electrician.

Backup Generator Installation In Alamo

Alamo is known for having old charming neighborhoods, large trees in a quiet city within the Bay Area. The local utility company has been slower to respond to power outages and issues from weather or environment. When the winds pick up and a tree takes out your power, don’t wait for the local utility company, install a backup generator for your home or business.

Backup generators can give you peace of mind to know that your essential appliances will have power. Generators are powered by a backup fuel source is either natural gas or propane. When the power goes out, a transfer switch detects the power out from the street and can start the backup generator automatically. Gentec Services specializes in Generac generators that offer top quality longevity and efficiency.

Call Gentec Services today to get a quote and talk to an electrician about the options for backup generators. Each solutions is designed specifically for each customers as there are sizes for each generator that can fit your need. One size does not fit all.

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Don’t Do Your Own Wiring – Call an Alamo Electrician

While it isn’t illegal to install your own wiring, there are several specific codes that must be followed to make sure that all of your fixtures and lines are safe to use. New installations are required to be inspected be a local official. If you’ve done the work yourself or had someone who isn’t licensed do the work, you may be required to remove the wiring and have it redone to meet standards. Our professional Alamo electricians make sure everything is up to code before we leave. You’ll never have to worry about passing an inspection when you’ve hired us.

By calling in our expert electrical contractors in Alamo CA, you’ll be getting the best service in the city. We have an unblemished service record and the friendliest contractors in the area. Call us now to get an estimate today. We also serve the entire Bay Area. Including electricians in Livermore, electricians in Castro Valley, and electricians in Dublin, CA.