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Professional Electricians in Union City

When Only the Best Electricians in Union City CA Will Do

The best electricians in Union City will do their job safely and quickly, even if it is complicated. The best electricians also understand that your customer experience is important, so they always act quickly, honestly, and in your best interests. At Gentec Services we are committed to being those electricians in Union City, CA for homeowners and business owners.

Our knowledgeable, skilled electricians offer great advice, clear quotes, and a customer service experience that will impress you. We can help homeowners and businesses of all kinds with a huge range of electrical issues, including troubleshooting, repairs, new installation, upgrades and much more.

Learn about what we can offer you and why you should trust us below. 

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Signs You Might Need an Electrician in Union City

Most people immediately call an electrician in Union City if they notice that a light, appliance, or whole circuit in their home is no longer working. However, there are other circumstances where people don’t necessarily know to call an electrician, or that an electrician can even help. Here at Gentec Services we have a wide range of skills and can help with things you might not expect, including:

  • Designing and installing landscape lighting 
  • Completing telecommunications wiring for your office 
  • Wiring for home theaters and home automation 
  • Interior and exterior lighting design on commercial properties
  • Installing LED lighting and controls for them
  • Connecting HVAC power and controls 
  • Installing energy efficient options for your home
  • Adding solar panels or security systems to your property  

Essentially, if there is any electrical equipment you need to install or accommodate in your home or business, you can call our experts. We have in-depth and advanced knowledge that can help.

Residential Home Electrician Services

Your home is likely your most valuable investment, and the proper functioning of the electrical system is very important to keep that investment intact. Plus, the quality of your electrical system has a huge impact on how you experience your home.

Can you use all of the outlet you want to at once? Can you add in a home theater or a charger for your electric vehicle? At Gentec Services we see our job as both ensuring that your home is secure and functional. We offer many niche residential electrical services that can help you enjoy your home or improve its value. Here is a quick outline of our top services:

Commercial Electricians in Union City At Your Service

We’re also well-established and reliable commercial electricians in Union City. We have the experience to meet your unique needs for electrical design, installation and repair.

Our electrical designs can help you stay in budget and reduce your RFIs and change orders. We work on deadlines and offer smart advice that can help reduce your operating costs. 

The other services we offer in Union City include: 

  • Service calls for troubleshooting and repairs 
  • Services upgrades and change outs
  • Code violations corrections 
  • Dedicated circuits and equipment hook ups 
  • HVAC power and controls
  • Data room power and UPS
  • Interior and exterior lighting design, install, repair
  • Parking lot lighting design, install and maintenance 
  • New construction, TI, renovations and additions.
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Back-Up Generators For Any Need

One of the most important services that we offer is installing back-up generators, both for homes and commercial and industrial properties. We know that keeping your air conditioner or refrigerator running during a power outage may be essential for your health and safety. As a business, keeping critical equipment running may be a matter of life and death, or it may be essential to protect staff or inventory. Other homes and businesses may want to keep everything running during blackouts and not just the most essential electrical equipment. We can help you in either case by assessing your needs, recommending a generator, and installing it. 

As a Homeowner

For homeowners, even if you purchase a generator on your own, you will need an electrician to install a manual or automatic switch to get it working. Automatic switches will ensure you have power continuously when the power goes out, but they need an energy management system to work. Manual switches are simpler but mean you will need some time to get the generator going. We can advise you as to which is the best choice in your specific situation. 

As a Business 

For businesses, it helps to have the sound professional advice of the team at Gentec Services to reduce your liability and test your generator to ensure it will work when it needs to. We can advise you on what size generator you need and how to keep it within your specific budget. Typically, we suggest Generac generators as they are both affordable and durable.

Experts in Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

As a Homeowner

Not all homes have the capability to support an electric vehicle charger right away. We first perform an audit to see what your home can support and may need to install a new panel along with the high voltage outlet. The good news is that we also program your charger to purchase power when it is cheapest, and that can save you 50% on your charging bill. 

image of and electric vehicle being supercharged

As a Business

For businesses, state and federal grants can lower the cost of a charging station, but we understand if this is still too significant of an up-front investment for you. We work with third party investors who will pay the costs associated with your station, in return for the revenue and tax credits during their period of ownership. 

They cover:

  • All installation costs
  • All operating costs
  • All maintenance costs
  • All electricity charges for the station 

When their period of ownership is over, you can either assume the revenues and costs of the station or we can remove the charging station at no cost to you. This is an excellent way to benefit from an electric charger without needing to pay it’s heavy up front costs. 

Let Us Show You Why We Stand Out As Electricians in Union City

Our local professional team is ready to answer your call, provide you with superior service, and show up on time when we say we will.

Get the job done right and the first time with Gentec Services electrician in Union City service.

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