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Residential and Commercial Electrician in Richmond You Can Trust

Electrical Service When You Need It

At Gentec Services, our team of electricians in Richmond has that rare combination of advanced knowledge, skill, and fantastic customer service that allows us to offer exceptional electrical services.

We work with homeowners and those who own or manage commercial properties of all kinds. From troubleshooting and repair to design and installation, you can trust us with all of your electrical needs. You will always have a positive experience with us and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your electrical work was completed to the highest standard. 

If you need a commercial or residential electrician in Richmond, reach out to us, or learn more about our services below.

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A Commercial Electrician in Richmond For Your Business

We offer advanced electrical services that other commercial electricians in Richmond may not be able to offer. Our services include:

  • Service calls for troubleshooting and repairs 
  • Services upgrades and change outs
  • Code violations corrections 
  • Dedicated circuits and equipment hook ups 
  • HVAC power and controls
  • Data room power and UPS
  • Interior and exterior lighting design, install, repair
  • Parking lot lighting design, install and maintenance 
  • New construction, TI, renovations and additions

We are well versed in the electrical needs of a huge range of commercial properties, including warehouses, offices, retail locations and production facilities. We have the experience to offer you valuable advice about what you should invest in and how your electrical system should be designed to meet your needs.

Our Residential Electrician in Richmond Services

For most people in Richmond, their home is the most expensive thing they own. The safe and proper functioning of its electrical system is essential not just for your safety but also your comfort and enjoyment. Upgrading your electrical system can also improve the value of your home before its sale. 

Our residential electrical services include:

Electrical Service 

Electronic Systems 

Energy Management Services 

Lighting Services 

There are many more services that we can offer you to improve your home. 

Richmond CA Electric Vehicle Chargers and Stations

If you own an electric vehicle, adding a charger to your home is essential. If you own a commercial property, adding a whole charging station may be an essential amenity you provide to your customers, or what you need to support your own electric fleet. Either way, we can help by installing the charger or station that you need. We take special steps to make this process as simple and affordable for you as possible. 

For homeowners, you may be surprised at the electrical work that goes into preparing your home to support a charger. The good news is that we can also program your charger to buy energy when it is least expensive. This can help you dramatically reduce the cost of charging your vehicle. 

For commercial uses, we work with third-party investors to cover the upfront costs of your charging station. The investor covers:

  • All installation costs
  • All operating costs
  • All maintenance costs 
  • All electricity charges for the station 
image of an ev charging in richmond ca station

As long as the public will have some access to the station, you can use this program to get the EV charging in Richmond CA station that you need without making a large up-front investment. When the investor’s period of ownership is over, you can either choose to assume the costs and revenue of the station of have us remove it at no cost to you.

Why Invest in an Electric Vehicle Charger as an Amenity? 

image of a commercial EV charger in richmond ca in a parking lot

There are many advantages to offering a vehicle charging station as an amenity for your customers or residents, including: 

  • Attract clientele
  • Make your property a destination
  • Improve your green reputation 
  • Support staff’s green choices 

Clients, staff and tenants will all appreciate being able to us an electric vehicle charger in Richmond CA on your property.

Back-Up Generators for Your Business and Home

For homes and businesses, we trust Generac generators to supply our customers with the power they need during blackouts, whether you just want your fridge to stay cold or you need to keep your whole retail location open. Trust us to help you assess your needs and ensure you get a backup generator in Richmond CA that is the right size for you and that is reliable enough to keep even life-saving equipment running. 

For homeowners, when we install your back-up generator, we will also need to install either a manual or automatic switch to handle the transfer of power. We can walk you through the pros and cons of these options, but it essentially comes down to whether you’re comfortable with a short power interruption.

For commercial needs, your back-up generator installation will be a bit more complex. However, we have the experience and foresight to help you make an excellent decision for your current and future power needs. We offer expert installation and initial testing so you can be confident your generator will work when you need it to.

We Also Provide Data Wiring and Networking Services

Every office, campus, store, and other commercial property needs data wiring to be functional. We have the expertise to design and install your system to provide telecommunications and network access throughout the building. We don’t just consider your current needs, but we also make smart decisions that makes your system easier to repair and to expand if you need to later on. We offer smart and personalized cabling to ensure you get what you need. 

Also, we offer other security and communication services for:

  • Voice and data
  • CCTV
  • Access and security
  • Fire alarms
  • Audio and video
  • RFID and wireless

Work with Gentec Services Today

Contact UsWhatever your electrical needs, from your home to your workplace, we’re the team who can fulfill them for you, at a reasonable price and with great skill. We can troubleshoot problems, design systems and install sensitive electrical equipment. 

If you need a commercial or residential electrician in Richmond CA, contact us today.

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