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Commercial and Residential Electrician in Pittsburg With Over A Decade Of Experience

When you choose Gentec Services as your electrician in Pittsburg, you get top-tier customer service along with advanced electrical services. We can fulfill even the most complex electrical work, from installing automatic switches for home back-up generators to planning whole new electrical systems for new construction commercial buildings.

You’ll be surprised by the wide range of unusual commercial and residential services we offer and impressed by our dedication to serving you. Discover more about the services we offer and why you should choose us below. 

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What Should You Call an Electrician For?

Sure, most people know that they can call an electrician when one of their circuits isn’t working or they think they have an electrical problem in their business or home. But, at Gentec we have advanced, intricate knowledge of so much more and can offer some services you might not realize you can turn to an electrician for at all. Here are some of the more niche services that we offer: 

  • Designing and installing systems for your home theater 
  • Hooking up HVAC equipment, like whole house fans or commercial ventilation
  • Completing telecommunications wiring for your office 
  • Designing and installing landscape lighting 
  • Adding solar panels or security systems to your property
  • Designing and installing parking lot lighting 
  • Upgrades for the latest energy-efficient appliances and devices

Essentially, we can help you choose which electrical equipment you need and design and install the system to support it. We have in-depth knowledge both of how to make your home more functional and how to make your business property more efficient. 

Electrical Repairs and Troubleshooting

Of course, you can call us when you think something has gone wrong with your electrical system too. Unfortunately, many homeowners and staff in commercial properties don’t know how to spot the signs of an electrical problem. They may even live with annoying and potentially dangerous problems, like fuses that keep blowing, thinking that is “just the way the building/home is.” However, we can actually fix these problems and make your electrical system suit your needs, not the other way around. Here are some signs that you should reach out to us: 

Electric Vehicle Charging in Pittsburg CA

Electric vehicles are a marvel that help us do right by the planet. But our world just isn’t set up for them the way that it is for gas vehicles. In order to have access to a charger for your personal electric vehicle, work vehicle, or fleet, you may need to have your own charger or charging station installed. We can help with that, in surprising ways. 

For homeowners, we will need to assess your home’s electrical system to find out if it can support your charger. We may need to upgrade the panel. However, we can also program your charger to buy energy when it is cheapest. This can reduce your charging bill by 50%. 

image of a plug in electric vehicle charger in pittsburg

For businesses, affording the charging station is often the biggest hurdle. We can help by connecting you with investors who cover the full upfront cost of the station. When their period of ownership is over, you can take over the costs and revenues of the station yourself, or we can remove the station at no cost to you. It’s a smart arrangement that can allow you to get the power you need for your fleet or offer a great amenity to your customers and clients.

Pittsburg Generator Installation

What happens when the power goes out? Do you lose power to your air conditioning system and your fridge? Do you have to stop accepting customers, allow inventory to be damaged, or even lose access to critical equipment? Gentec Services can help by installing quality back-up generators in both homes and commercial properties, including industrial ones. 

Our team are experts in backup power to keep your lights on during any blackout or power safety shut off situation. Let us be your choice for back-up generator installation in Pittsburg.

We can help by assessing your power needs. Whether you want to keep only a few essential things powered, or you want to keep your whole property powered, an accurate assessment of your energy usage is critical to ensure that you will end up with the right generator. We offer Generac generators in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs. These generators balance affordability with durability and offer the peace of mind you need to know you’ll have power when there is a blackout, even if that blackout is unexpected.

Data Wiring and Networking in Brentwood

We are a Pittsburg leader in converged communications. We offer advanced data wiring services to connect your phone systems, network services, data networks and cable infrastructure. Any business in Pittsburg, whether you’re starting up, moving to a new property or upgrading your connections can benefit from working with us.

image of electrical data wiring installed by an electrician in pittsburg ca

We offer other technology services, including:

  • Voice and data
  • CCTV
  • Access and security
  • Fire alarms
  • Audio/video
  • RFID and wireless

Why Work with Gentec Services?

We offer advanced electrical services and some of the best customer service in the business. Here is what you can expect when you work with us:

  • Wise advice that helps you minimize costs and plan for your future 
  • Complete repairs that address underlying issues to prevent recurrence 
  • Detailed attention to safety issues to protect people and property
  • Fast response to calls for repairs and time-sensitive work
  • Dedication to deadlines and to making the most of your budget 
  • Honest and clear updates about the work and its status 

We offer personalized attention to every customer whether they need a minor repair in their home or a massive new construction electrical installation. 

Trust the Team at Gentec Services Today 

We’re trusted, established residential and commercial electricians who you can turn to for any of your electrical troubleshooting, design and installation needs. If you don’t see the service that you need listed above, we may still offer it, so reach out to us. 

If you need a residential or commercial electrician in Pittsburg, contact us today.

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