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Residential and Commercial Electricians in Emeryville, CA

Electrical systems as such a critical component of our everyday that it is easy to get stressed out when something is wrong or when you need to make major changes and installations. The electrician in Emeryville that you put your trust in should offer you a worry-free experience, with upfront pricing and great customer service that inspires peace of mind.

At Gentec Services, that is exactly what we seek to provide. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner who has small or big electrical problems or projects on the horizon, we can help.

We pair great communication with advanced knowledge, and we use it to benefit you with smarter, more efficient electrical. Learn about the services we offer as a trusted provider of residential and commercial electrician in Emeryville services.

Why Choose Gentec Services as Your Electrician?

There are many electricians in Emeryville. But we feel confident that we are your best choice. Here are a few reasons that you should work with us:

  • True Experts: Beyond just being properly licensed, trained and certified, all of our team members are highly skilled in a wide variety of electrical services. We’re exceptional problem solvers with advanced electrical understanding which we can use to benefit you. 
  • Advanced Services: Based on our knowledge, we can offer truly advanced services for both commercial and residential clients. That includes installing switches for back-up generators, handling data wiring, planning and executing lighting for everything from complex home landscaping to massive parking lots. If you have a niche electrical need, talk to us about how it should be done. 
  • Manufacturer Trust: We offer generators and other equipment from manufacturers that you can trust to deliver quality products and support them with warranties. 
  • Customer Service: We know how you want to be treated by your electrician, and we consider our customer service to be just as important as all of the other aspects of our job. You can rely on us for fast responses to your inquiries, dedication to the schedule, and honest and fair quoting. It’ll be simple and easy to work with our team. 

If you need an electrician in Emeryville, reach out to our team today. 

Years of Experience In Residential Electrician Services

We offer an exceptionally large range of residential services, covering everything you need for your home, from repairs and troubleshooting to outfitting your home with the latest energy-efficient options. Here are just some of the electrical services we can provide for you:

Electrical Service 

Electronic Systems 

Energy Management Services 

Lighting Services 

We can design, install, repair and maintain all of these electrical features. Reach out to us if you’re not sure if you need an electrician in Emeryville or if you’re not sure if your equipment is operating properly.


Thinking of Getting an Electrical Vehicle?

As a business or as an individual, an electric vehicle may be a worthy investment for you. You’re switching to a more sustainable form of energy for your transportation needs. As a business, switching your fleet to electrical may be about cutting costs. In either situation, you’ll need a charging station to refuel your electric vehicles. In fact, as a business, you may only be interested in the charging station, as a high-end amenity to provide to your customers. 

Gentec Services is well equipped to install charging stations in both homes and businesses. 

For homeowners, we offer comprehensive and smart installations. We’ll even ensure that your charger purchases electricity when it is cheapest, which can lower your charging bill by about half.  

Through a combination of state funding, federal funding, and third-party investors, we can provide you with a free charging station. The owner covers all installation, operating, maintenance and electricity costs for the station in return for the revenue and tax credits, for their period of ownership.

Keep Your Power On With Back-Up Generators in Emeryville for Home and Commercial Properties

When you had your last power outage, didn’t you wish you had a generator? Or, maybe you have now added critical or life-saving equipment to your property that absolutely needs to run even when the power grid is having issues. In either case, you need a back-up generator. 

We have the expertise to help guide homeowners and businesses to the right generator for their needs, and then install it so it will be both safe and reliable. In homes, you’ll need to have an electrician install a switch to handle your generator, plus we will also need to connect it to your system. 

In commercial settings, you’ll want the peace of mind of having an expert assess your needs and ensure your generator will function. We can help in either case.

Emeryville Commercial Electrician Services

Unlike many electricians serving Emeryville, we have a breadth of experience with commercial clients. We’ve worked on countless offices, warehouses, retail locations, and even more niche properties with unusual and in-depth needs. We’re confident that we can supply electrical services for you that are sensitive to your needs, help you plan for your future, and help reduce operating costs and maintain deadlines. Here are some of the commercial electrical services that we provide:

commercial electricians at work on electrical panels
  • Service calls for troubleshooting and repairs 
  • Services upgrades and change outs
  • Code violations corrections 
  • Dedicated circuits and equipment hookups 
  • HVAC power and controls
  • Data room power and UPS
  • Interior and exterior lighting design, install, repair
  • Parking lot lighting design, install and maintenance 
  • New construction, TI, renovations, and additions

Your office, warehouse or production facility might also require electrical maintenance. We provide those services as well. 

Electrical Technology: Security and Communications

For commercial clients, we offer a wide range of technology services that can ensure your property functions properly. Some of those services include:

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