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Trusted Electricians in Brentwood

Full Service Electricians in Brentwood

Few homeowners and business owners know what they can expect from truly knowledgeable and reputable electricians.

Work with Gentec Services and discover exactly what you’re missing. We install complex and powerful electrical systems in homes and on commercial properties. And we do it all with exceptional communication, including clear quotes, honest updates, and sound advice.

Work with us on any troubleshooting, repair, installation, or advanced electrical work that you have. Discover more about the services we offer as residential and commercial electricians in Brentwood below. 

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Offering Both Commercial and Residential Services

Few electricians in Brentwood CA have the full set of skills and knowledge to serve both residential and commercial electrical needs, but we do. For both kinds of clients, we offer a deep and unique understanding of your electrical needs, upfront and reasonable pricing, honest and polite communication, and a strict adherence to deadlines and schedules. 

Homeowners can turn to us for every electrical need they have, from designing and installing your landscape lighting to outfitting your home with an electric vehicle charger. If you have concerns that your electrical system isn’t performing properly, has been damaged, or is damaging your electronics, our team is always here to offer advice and fix the problem. 

Whether you have an office building, a warehouse, a retail store, or some other commercial property, you can turn to us to execute even the most complex electrical projects. We are well-versed in designing electrical systems, while reducing your budget, RFIs and change orders. We are also capable of troubleshooting and repairing a huge range of electrical issues you may have. Trust us for the installation of your specialized electrical equipment.

Residential Electrician Brentwood Services

We offer four categories of electrical services for homes, covering everything you need to troubleshoot problems and install the latest energy-efficient home options. Learn about them below. 

Electrical Service 

Basic services and upgrades needed to fix problems in your electrical system and prevent them from happening again, including:

Electronic Systems 

Modern homes need so many electrical systems to function, and to provide the entertainment you want. We can install and repairs:

Energy Management Services 

We repair and install home features that help reduce your energy usage for electricity and whatever fuel your HVAC units run on. This includes:

Lighting Services 

Make your home interior, exterior, and landscaping brighter with our lighting services, which include:

Commercial and Home Electric Vehicle Charging in Brentwood

As sustainable electrical vehicles become both more popular and more affordable, more homeowners and business are investing in them.

If you’re buying an electric vehicle for your own personal use, for your business fleet, or if you notice your customers using them, you may need to have an electric charger installed on your property.

Gentec Services can help, and even make the prospect of installing the charger or making the upfront investment more affordable. Here’s how we help:

Cost reduction: For commercial property owners, we work with investors who will cover the full installation, maintenance and electric costs of your station. For homeowners, we program chargers to purchase electricity when it is cheapest, making for huge cost savings. 

Expert installation: You can get peace of mind when you work with us. We offer expert installation services to ensure your charging station will function properly and not compromise the power supply to the rest of the property.

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Home, Business and Industrial Back-up Generators

What good is your electrical system during a power outage? Both homeowners and business owners can take fulfilling their power needs into their own hands. Whether you just don’t want to lose the contents of your fridge in a power outage, or if you have life-saving or mission-critical equipment that absolutely needs to run all of the time, then you can trust GentecTM Services to get you the back-up generator that you need. 

We can assist all clients in assessing their power needs in W or kW, and matching those needs to a reliable, powerful generator that can work seamlessly when the power goes off, whether you have notice it will or not. You may need a back-up generator only to power a few essential pieces of equipment, or you may want to keep your whole home, store, or plant running. Whatever you need, we can help you estimate what it will cost and how to move forward.

Data Wiring and Networking in Brentwood

image of data wiring installation by Gentec Services

Office buildings, campuses, and many more commercial properties need telecommunications infrastructure. Our data wiring and network can provide phone service, internet service, and the other communications you need to run your business most effectively.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, data wiring becomes a bit of a mess, and you only realize there are problems when your connection is slow, you need to make repairs, or you need to expand it. Our team can fix all of these issues or design your system from the start to prevent them. If you’re moving, just starting out, or expanding, trust us to provide all the data wiring services that you need. 

Whether you’re a tenant in your space or the owner of the building, our electricians in Brentwood CA can help you make smart long-term data wiring decisions and provide the high speed connections that are so essential.

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We are here for all your electrical needs from generators, EV charging, general electrical needs, and more. Our professional team will be happy to answer any questions about our knowledge, service, and expertise. 

As well as providing you quotes for services you are interested in. You can contact us at 925-954-9780 or use the contact button to the right or at the top of the page.

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