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Dependable and Professional Electricians in Berkeley

Most people understand that electrical systems are complex and potentially dangerous. So, it’s reasonable to be a little stressed when you need an electrician in Berkeley to help with your business’ or your home’s electrical. 

Let us relieve that stress with our combination of technical expertise and dedicated customer service. We can handle complex electrical issues and advance installations. We also offer honest quotes, timely appointments and clear communication that will put you at ease about everything from the price of your electrical services to the safety of your home or business.

Read on to discover what we offer to homeowners and business owners.

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Signs You Need an Electrician in Berkeley

When should you reach out to us? Here are some signs that you need a residential or commercial electrician in Berkeley: 

  • Blown fuses: You don’t need to wrestle with fuses or juggle which appliances you use at the same time. An electrician can adjust your circuit so you can use the outlets and appliances you want to, at the same time. 
  • Flickering lights: Lights should not flicker, and this problem may be a sign of a few different electrical issues. You may also damage electronics that are plugged into the circuit that is flickering. 
  • Sparks: Sparks are a serious safety issue. Do not approach sparking wires, outlets or appliances.
  • Unusual heat: Heat where it shouldn’t be, like at an outlet, is a sign that something is wrong with your electrical system. 
  • Useless switches: Why doesn’t the light turn on when you flick a switch? Or why is there a switch that doesn’t control anything? We can fix it. 
  • Shocks: You should not ever get shocked by properly functioning electrical equipment. If you have received a shock, the same thing could create a larger one. You should get the help of an electrician right away. 
  • New lighting: When you need new lighting installed, especially in areas that don’t currently have lighting, an electrician can help. 
  • Security systems: Many security systems need dedicated wiring run to them. Afterall, you wouldn’t want a system that can be easily disconnected, or it would be easy to defeat. 

Home Back-up Generators in Berkeley

Unfortunately for homeowners, choosing and installing a back-up generator is not as simple as picking on out and plugging it into your house. A lot of decision making and complicated installation goes into having a backup generator for your home, but we can make it simple. 

We offer quality Generac generators to ensure that your home is safe during a power outage. These industry leading generators are the most reliable solution to your back-up generator in Berkeley needs.

We will work with you to find the right size unit that keep your lights on and wallet happy.

Electric Vehicle Charging in Berkeley

Commercial EV Charging

Are you considering getting an electric vehicle charging station installed on your residential or commercial property? Gentec can help. While the popularity of electric vehicles is undeniable, the cost can be an understandable concern for home and property owners. So long as you plan to allow your charging station to be accessible to the public (even if you will also be charging your own fleet there) Gentec Services can completely eliminate the hurdle of cost for you. 

We work with investors who front the entire upfront cost of charging stations, including the electrical bills and maintenance, in return for charging for access much like at a gas station. This saves you the upfront investment, all installation, operating and maintenance costs. The investor gets the revenue plus the low carbon fuel credits of the station, and you get to offer this amenity to your customers or use it to support your electric vehicle fleet. 

When the investor’s period of ownership is over, you can either take on the revenues and costs of the station, or you can have Gentec Services remove it from your property at no cost.

Residential EV Charging

If you are in the market for a new electric vehicle do you have the proper charging system set up at your home? As electric cars and trucks become more popular many are finding out their garages aren’t properly equipped and have to deal with long and extended charge times.

To save yourself the hassle of having to use public fast chargers, let Gentec help set you up with a proper charging system so you can always leave home with a full battery.

We are the go to choice for EV charging in Berkeley and can install a fast charger in your home and help you plan what charging solution will be the most economical for you.
Contact us now to get started.

Complete Data Wiring Solutions

We are Berkeley’s leader in converged communications, offering sophisticated data wiring services which can connect your phone systems, network services, data networks and cable infrastructure. Any business that needs an electrician in Berkeley that is starting up and needs new wiring should trust us to do it right the first time and leave the potential for expanding. We can also help businesses that are moving and upgrading have better data wiring. 

We also help design and deploy full wireless systems, including organizational systems for warehouses and other inventory management needs. Use RFID chips on every product and understand where it is in the supply chain and on your property.

Advanced Commercial Electricians

We’re well-established and experienced commercial electricians who aren’t just called in for troubleshooting. Our team is capable of roll outs, design and builds for commercial construction projects and much more. 

Avoid the finger pointing and choose us to design your commercial electrical system. You’ll benefit from a knowledgeable partner who knows how to reduce your design budget, RFIs and change orders, saving you time and getting your project finished faster. We design with the end use and potential expansion of the system in mind, ensuring you have the capacity for the electrical equipment you need and more you may add in the future.

commercial electricians in berkeley on roof installing solar

Our Commercial Electrical Services 

We offer advanced services that many other commercial electricians in Berkeley cannot offer. This includes:

  • Service calls for troubleshooting and repairs 
  • Services upgrades and change outs
  • Code violations corrections 
  • Dedicated circuits and equipment hook ups 
  • HVAC power and controls
  • Data room power and UPS
  • Interior and exterior lighting design, install, repair
  • Parking lot lighting design, install and maintenance 
  • New construction, TI, renovations and additions. 

We also provide maintenance on a contract basis for office, warehouses and production facilities. Our team members are well versed in the unique needs of these different properties, and we always tailor our approach to what you specifically need maintained.

Business and Industrial Back-up Generator Installation

There is a great deal of power instability, especially in Northern California. Indeed, power outages can occur all across the state, with little to no warning. By the time the power is back up you may have damaged inventory, lost valuable production time, missed out on key customers, or even let critical equipment stop functioning. Whether your back-up generator is a matter of life and death or simply necessary to keep to your commitments and schedule, we have the expertise to get you the generator that you need to supply your electrical needs. 

We will evaluate your needs for a back-up generator and help you decide whether you need to power your whole property or only select, critical items. We will assess how much power you need and pair you with a back-up generator to fulfill it. We will them handle installation and initial testing to ensure that your generator is ready for when you need it.

We Also Service El Cerrito

We extend all of our Berkeley electrical services into El Cerrito. Homeowners and business owners in El Cerrito can trust us for the same advanced electrical services and to provide the same exceptional customer service. We find homeowners in this town are particularly interested in our services to get advanced home systems installed, from solar panels to generate energy to electric vehicle chargers to charge their car.

The new businesses in this area rely on us for circuit design, equipment hook up and parking lot design. Established businesses are more likely to need our services correcting code violation and repairing interior and exterior lighting. 

Whatever your electrical needs, you can call us to have knowledgeable professionals onsite at your property in El Cerrito to give advice quickly.

Choose Gentec Services For A Hassle Free Electrician in Berkeley Experience You Can Trust

We offer the winning combination of advanced electrical skill and exceptional customer service that will give you the peace of mind you need.

Your electrical needs are in good hands with us. If you need an electrician in Berkeley or El Cerrito, reach out to us today. 

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