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The most trusted, knowledgeable electrician in Antioch offering top-tier customer service. That is what you get when you choose Gentec Services as your full service electrician  in Antioch.

Our team has the advanced skills to provide electrical solutions for even the most complex electrical needs. Along with a customer-service first dedicated mindset.

That means we put attention and consideration into even the smallest electrical fixes for everyone. Work with us to experience the best of both worlds and feel confident about the safety and function of any of your electrical repairs and installations.

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Electrical Repairs and Troubleshooting

While installing new electrical equipment and outlets is great, it’s not the only service that we provide.

If you have electrical issues in your home or business, you can count on us to troubleshoot the issue and let you know what needs to be done. Here are some of the signs that you should reach out to us to get some electrical repairs:

  • Fuses keep blowing: When you have a single blown fuse, you might be able to switch it back yourself and then make sure you’re putting less demand on that specific circuit. But, what if the fuses keep blowing? Or, what if you simply need to put that much demand on your circuit? We can help by fixing your electrical system and supporting the appliances or electronics that you want to use, where you want to use them. 
  • Flickering lights: They make a big deal of flickering lights in the movies, but is it really that big of a deal if the lights in your home are flickering? Even if you don’t mind, flickering can be a sign that something about your electrical system is unsafe. We can fix it and restore consistent electricity to your lighting. 
  • Something is sparking: An electrical spark is a serious issue. If any of your appliances are sparking or if there is a loose wire that is sparking, you need an electrician’s help right away.
  • Unusual heat: A lightbulb, oven and other heat-based appliances are supposed to give off heat. But the wires in your walls, electrical outlets, and certain spots on other appliances should not give off heat. This heat could be a sign that something is wrong with your wiring or the appliance and in either case you’ll need an electrician’s help to sort it out. This could be a safety issue, so call us when you feel it. 
  • Unconnected switches: Do you have switches in your house that you flick, but nothing happens? Maybe there is a light or other appliance that you can’t use because of this issue, or maybe this is just a redundant circuit. Either way, an electrician can help you sort it out and either fix the problem or remove the redundant circuit. 
  • You’ve been shocked: If you felt a jolt, and it was more than just the kind of static shock that you get from the dryer, you have a serious safety issue. Don’t trust that a shock will remain low, as it could increase and seriously hurt you. Call an electrician in Antioch instead. 

Electric Vehicle Charging for Businesses and Homes

Electrical vehicles are innovative, efficient options for you to drive as your personal vehicle or to use for your work vehicle or commercial fleet. However, if you’re thinking of making this investment you’ll also want to sort out where you can charge your vehicle.

For homeowners who aren’t sure if they can charge their electric vehicle at home, and businesses who aren’t sure about the costs of installing charging stations, Gentec  Services can help. 

EV Charging in Your Home

EV Charging for Your Fleet

Not all homes have the electrical system to support the high demands of electric vehicle charging. We will audit your home’s system to find out what it needs in order to support your electric vehicle.

Your home may need an upgraded panel and high voltage outlet. When we install these components, we will also configure your charger to purchase your energy when it is cheapest. By taking this step, we have saved clients 50% on their charging bill.

We’re here to make sure that your electric vehicle is as cost-effective as possible.

image promoting EV charging in Antioch

Are you interested in electric charging for commercial purposes instead? Often, the biggest hurdle you’ll face is the large upfront costs on your charging station, even if switching to electric vehicles will be cheaper for you on a month-to-month basis. Thankfully, we have a solution where you can get all of the installation, operating and maintenance costs for your station covered, including the electricity charges for the station. 

We work with investors who front the costs of charging stations for businesses, so long as they are available for public use. The station will generate revenue from the sale of electricity for the investor, and you can use it. When the investor’s period of ownership is up you can either assume the costs and the revenue of the station, or we will come and remove it from your property at no cost to you. 

This is truly a win-win for any business that needs access to a charging station for its own fleet or for its customers.

Why Invest in an Electric Charging Station as a Business Asset?

In Antioch and surrounding areas, electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Our electrician in Antioch team specializes in EV charging installations.

Even if you do not have electric vehicles for your business, your customers and clients may appreciate having the ability to charge their vehicles on your property.

For this reason, electric charging stations are particularly good investments for tourist destinations, hotels, amusement parks, retail stores, malls, and major office buildings. Why would this investment be worthwhile?

electric vehicles being charged
  • Attract clientele: Bring in more customers who are in search of a charging station and who will purchase from your business while they’re waiting. 
  • Make it a destination: People with electric vehicles will plan their trips around where chargers are stationed. Make your business a destination. 
  • Green reputation: Improve or support the reputation of your business as a green business with a charger. It signals your commitment to divesting from fossil fuels.

Commercial and Home Back-Up Generators

The energy grid isn’t always as reliable as it should be. Homeowners and businesses, especially those providing critical services, should be prepared for power outages. One of the best ways to prepare yourself is with a back-up generator that can keep your most critical equipment running, or your entire home or business, depending on your energy needs. 

For businesses, Gentec Services can help you estimate what size back-up generator you will need to run your essential electrical equipment during power outages. We can connect the generator, test it, and ensure that it is properly maintained so that it will work during a power interruption. We can also help you estimate your risks of power interruption and how much electrical power you’ll absolutely need in the circumstances. 

For homeowners, we provide valuable know-how about back-up generators. Unfortunately, installing a generator is not as simple as plugging it in. Even estimating the size that you need can be complicated, as electrical equipment draws much more power when it is starting up than when it is running. Our knowledgeable, honest staff can help you assess your power needs and perform the installation, so you know that your generator will work when the power goes out and will sit safely in the meantime. 

Commercial Data Wiring and Networking Services

image of data wiring installation by Gentec Services

From the smallest office building to the largest campus, many commercial properties need telecommunications infrastructure to enable communication. At any property, the needs for phone and internet connections can change. Gentec Services is here to design a new system or expand the one you have. Wiring and cabling should allow for fast, reliable connections. But it should also be ready to be expanded when necessary. We can design your system for your current and future needs. 

We can help you set up your commercial property for potential tenants, or we can work with you on your own buildings’ cabling infrastructure.

We Also Provide Electrician in Oakley Services

We’re also local residents and provide all of the same great services for your electrician in Oakley needs as we do elsewhere. We’re a local company that invests in the community around you, sourcing our materials and tools here, and spending our revenue here too. When you choose us as your electrician you’re giving back to the community. 

Also when you choose us, you’re choosing a local team that is committed to acting neighborly. We always seek to pair our exceptional knowledge of electrical work with exceptional customer service. We can help anyone from a homeowner to a major corporation.

We provide unparalleled electrical services. If you’re in need of a commercial or residential electrician in Antioch or Oakley, reach out to us today. 

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