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Electrical Repair Tools Needed

Electrical Repairs and Projects You Definitely Need a Professional For

DIY work is some of the most rewarding work on the planet. And when it comes to your own home, you feel like you’re in control when you fix most things yourself. But there are times when it’s either dangerous and just downright unpleasant or even impossible to do the work yourself. And it’s ok to concede and call in a professional. Electrical repairs are one of those things. While simple things like installing new outlets can be done by an amateur, there are electrical repairs that need an expert hand. In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to outline when you should call a professional to take over.

1. When You Smell Electrical Burning

Electricity is one of the most common causes of house fires. There are an estimated 51,000 electrical house fires each year. And about 500 people die in fires caused by electrical systems each year. So, if you smell any kind of electrical burning in your home, call an electrician ASAP. You may not be able to find the source yourself. An electrician has the experience to quickly find the source and fix the short. DIYing this type of repair is not worth the risk to your family and your home.

2. When Remodeling or Completing New Construction Projects

When installing new electrical systems, you need a permit. And only a qualified electrician can install or repair full electrical systems in a remodel or a new house. If you try to install electrical yourself without the proper permits and training, you could find yourself slapped with hefty fines. And, if you install your electrical system wrong, you could end up with a house fire you didn’t want. So make sure you hire a professional and get the requisite permits before doing a major remodel that requires electrical installation.

Electrical Panel Replacement from Gentec Services3. When the Lights are Flickering You Might Need Electrical Repairs

If your lights are flickering or turning on and off at will, it’s not a ghost trying to communicate with you. It’s most likely a short in your electrical system or a loose connection somewhere. Most of the electrical for light fixtures is in the ceiling and between the floors of multi-story homes. This part of your electrical system is difficult to access.  You’ll need a qualified professional to get in there and fix the problem. They’ll also know the most common places a short or loose connection could be. This will save you time and frustration. You’ll most likely have to call in an electrician anyway if you try to tackle this problem yourself. So call a professional to get this problem fixed pronto before any more problems arise from the loose connection or short in your wiring.

4. When Your Circuit Breakers Flip Constantly

You might have a bad wire job somewhere in your house. When a circuit can’t take the electrical load, it will flip the breaker and turn off the electricity to that section. If your circuits are constantly overloading, there is a problem.  And you’ll need an electrician to check out the box.

When in Doubt Call an Electrician

If you get to a point where you feel overwhelmed by your electrical repairs, call an electrician. Electrical is one area of your home that could go tragically wrong if you do it wrong. Make sure you contact us as soon as a problem arises.

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