Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Have you been shopping around for a Tesla S, Chevy Spark or Volt, Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, or Honda Fit? Purchasing an electric vehicle is a huge step in reducing your carbon footprint and your overall transportation cost. When you do finally purchase one, you’ll want to put a charger in your garage so you don’t have to search for nearby power stations. You can get them in a package when you purchase the car, but that’s not the most economical choice.Electric vehicle charger refuels Tesla Model S electric car

Hiring GENTEC to install your new EV charger won’t just save you money in the short term. Our electricians will do an initial audit of your home’s electric throughput so you can be sure that your infrastructure is ready for a car charger, instead of just installing one and hoping for the best. If your home isn’t equipped for an additional high-voltage outlet, we can also upgrade your panel during the same service call, saving you both time and money.

The professionals at GENTEC can also help you maximize your monthly savings when using your new EV charging station. Our technicians can configure your charger to purchase energy at its cheapest, during the early hours of the morning. With proper calibration, your EV station charger can literally cut your charging bill in half.

Gentec Installs Electric Car Chargers for Commercial Properties

Electric car charger installed in San RamonDo you own a commercial property? We install EV chargers for businesses as well. Adding electric car charging stations to your property can give you a leg up on the competition. Give your employees one more reason to work for you or offer the convenience of on-site charging to your customers.

According to Autonet.ca, “the profile of the hybrid vehicle owner is a person between the ages of 35-55, with a household income over $75K, and a college education or higher.” If this is your target demographic, an EV charger is a great selling tool. Even if this isn’t your target demographic, EV chargers can cause customers to stay on your property longer. A study done at Target found that people who used the EV charging stations stayed on-site over 5 times longer than those that didn’t, and idle time is a great time to spend a bit of cash.

We Can Help You Do The Math

If you are in the market for an electric vehicle, call us. We can help you figure out exactly how much you can save by switching from a standard vehicle to an electric one and how much we can save you on a charger installation over the guys at the dealership. If you’re ready to make the jump, call today to schedule a time for an on site consultation & energy consumption audit.

We Install Electric Car Chargers Throughout the Bay Area

If you need an electric car charger in Walnut Creek, San Jose, Oakland, or just about anywhere in the Bay Area, we’re the team to call. Visit our service area page or speak with us today to learn more.

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