Duct Cleaning

Bay Area air duct cleaning & maintenance services

Air Duct MaintenanceEven with yearly maintenance and regular filter changes, a small amount of dirt and debris can get into your heating and cooling ductwork. This debris can consist of any and all allergens, molds and mildews that are sucked into the air intake. Every time the blower motor kicks on it creates a change in the air pressure in the duct system that causes these particles to become dislodged from their resting places. If you happen to be near a heating and cooling vent when the motor kicks on, you could be getting a lung full of this debris. Our techs have the right negative pressure tools to vacuum out your duct work without releasing extra allergens into the air.

While it is important to keep your duct work clean, it is even more important for your dryer vent line. Dryer lint is extremely flammable (one of the reasons survivalists pack ziplock bags of it to start campfires). Even though the lint trap catches a great deal of the lint from dryer operation, it doesn’t catch it all. This is the reason that uncleaned dryer vents cause over 15,000 home fires every year. Every duct cleaning that GENTEC does includes the dryer vent for that reason.