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Electrical problems probably aren’t a common issue in your home – at least we hope they aren’t. But when an electrical issue does come up, it isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Our Dublin electricians specialize in-home wiring and mechanism repair so you can be assured of a quality fix.

Quality is of the utmost importance with electrical systems because even one error or oversight can lead to a potentially devastating fire. Our techs are experts at diagnosing the cause of electrical issues and have extensive experience in residential repairs. You can count on us to quickly identify and repair any existing problems and any potential future issues due to your current configurations.

Our Dublin CA electricians always give you a written estimate for any project that we are called in on. We won’t start work until we have a signed estimate so you aren’t hit with surprise fees at the end of a job. Some contractors will give you a low ball estimate and then add on several additional fees.

We feel this is a very dishonest practice. With us, you’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and how much it’s going to cost you. If there is ever a need to make additional repairs, we’ll inform you right away so you can decide if you want us to proceed.

Dublin electrician services a kitchen wall socket

“When Gentec arrived the next day they seen what I was up against and started work immediately. Within a few hours they had run and hid all the speaker wires and power wires needed to run my home entertainment system. These guys were professional and kind, I had no problem with them working in my home. Watch out Geek Squad, these guys are good!” – Rex Q. in Dublin, CA

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Residential Backup Generators in Dublin Keep Your Home Up and Running During Power Shut Offs

It’s no secret that the recent power shutoffs in Dublin will become more frequent as the fire season changes. However, these power outages do not need to be an inconvenience for you. With our expert home backup generator team, we can set you up with the perfect home power solutions to keep everything running with no downtime.

We can install a system that will power your entire home or just the bare essentials. Whichever you prefer, our professionals are here to help assist you to choose what will be the best fit for you. Not only do we help you choose the right size generator but we also install the transfer switch for you. Regardless of your generator, you will be a professional to handle the transfer switch so you can rest easy that you can change the power to your home in a safe and easy manner.

If you are looking for a home backup generator in Dublin, CA then give us a call today and we’ll be happy to walk you through everything you need to know to decide what system is right for you.

Keep Your Business Open During Power Outages With a Commercial Backup Generator

Generac Home Backup Generators In Danville

Just like with our residential service we offer the most professional commercial backup generator installation in Dublin, Ca.

No business wants needless downtime due to something they cannot control like when the power is shut off with little to no notice. Gentec Services is here to help keep your lights on.

For many businesses, this fire season has been an eye-opener. Even if there is no fire danger in your city your business could be shut down for a day or more with little notice.

We want to ensure that doesn’t happen to your business. With our Generac commercial generators, you can always count on keeping power to your building. We offer a wide variety of sizes and fuel types to best fit your needs. We offer both gas and natural gas as well as many more options to fit your needs.

Contact us now, to get a custom independent power solution plan in place for your business.

How Can A Dublin Electrician Help Me With My Electric Car?

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever before. While your salesperson for your electric vehicle told you how to keep a charge and provided insight on the logistics of charging your car, they did take your current electrical setup into consideration. When you use a certified electrician in Dublin to examine your home, they have the opportunity to install an electric vehicle charging station that makes the most sense for your home.

Additionally, they can see how to use a solar battery to keep the charge so you do not have to worry about your electric bill drastically increasing or overloading your community’s electrical grid.

Sustainable energy is the wave of the future and Gentec words hard to stay up with the latest technology so we can provide the most sustainable solutions for our clients.

Dublin CA electric vehicle charging by plugging into a charger

Networking And Data Wiring With Dublin Electricians

For those of us who installed our routers ourselves, we might not have thought much about the setup beyond which area made sense in relation to where it needed to be plugged in. If you have a service provider install it for you, they likely did the same thing.

Having an electrician in Dublin examine your networking system and data wiring will allow an expert to determine the most optimal placement in your home or business. Plus, we can install a structured wiring system that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Dublin Electricians Proudly Serve with Over 35 Years of Combined Experience

Another major advantage that our Dublin electricians have over the competition is our years of experience. Electrical systems can have some very unique problems that aren’t covered in even the most thorough training courses. There is absolutely no substitute for experience, and we’ve got the most in the area.

We’ve repaired hundreds of systems with thousands of unique issues from poorly insulated wiring to damage done by rodents. It doesn’t matter what caused the problem, our tech will find it and get it fixed so you can get back to your daily routine now!

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