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Voice & Data Network Wiring

Structured Cabling Infrastructure Installation

data wiring installation for businessIf you’re a new company, a company that is moving, an expanding company or anything in-between, having an installation of a new voice or data network cabling can be a complex project. It’s important to work with an electrical contractor who knows how to spec out your current and future structured cabling needs so you have room to grow and to ensure it is installed correctly. Structured cabling is the foundation of your business network as it connects all your computers, servers and other devices. Building the infrastructure and strategically planning out the voice and data jacks to prevent future mishaps and rebuilds are critical in saving you time and money. By planning and installing the best cable infrastructure for your business, GENTEC will put your mind at ease by ensuring easy communication between all your devices.

Why Structured Cabling Is Important For Your Business

Structured cabling is one of the most important, but often overlooked components of a business’s network. Without proper cabling, your network will not be operating at its best which means a loss of efficiency and money. Even with the very best equipment, improper cabling causes problems such as network congestion and data corruption—and that is just the tip of the iceberg. To improve and ensure continued uncorrupted communication in your network, a structured cabling installation is crucial.

Working Together

By working with GENTEC and allowing us to identify the variables of the space within your business location, we can provide you with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing cable setup. Many of the variables to take into consideration for optimal cabling is furniture placement, server room cabling, wireless device cabling and electrical requirements. Evaluating all the elements such as server room location, office furniture setup, building codes and more will allow us to outline a personalized cabling infrastructure tailored to fit your business needs. Not only will you receive optimal cabling installation, you will also get one that looks as good as it performs.

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GENTEC Services makes it a priority to provide excellent customer service and customer satisfaction by providing a comprehensive quote with up-front pricing. Our consultations will give you the gratification you need to ensure quality and efficiency.

Having a professional, qualified data and voice cabling electrician work with your network operations team can mean you get your structured cabling set up properly from the start, preventing any problems from occurring in the future.

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