Bay Area Commercial Backup Generator Installation

If you have a commercial, retail, or industrial business or property then now is a better time than ever to upgrade your property with a commercial backup generator installation in the Bay Area.

With the current power issues across Northern California, many business owners are worried about the little to no warning of when power will be shut off as well as how long they will be without it. With a professional commercial backup generator installation, you can remove that worry and no longer lose business and money from the ever-increasing downtime from not having power.

At Gentec your commercial power needs are our focus. Getting a full back up generator can be a confusing and overwhelming upgrade. Not only do we handle the professional installation of the unit but we also handle the confusing and tedious part of the process.

We evaluate your business and power needs to recommend the best fit for your needs and budget. Our commercial backup generator installation in the Bay Area process is fast, reliable, and easy to get set up.

Commercial Backup Generator in The Bay Area

How Much Does A Commercial Generator Cost?

Every business owner that is considering upgrading is going to ask “how much is a commercial backup generator installation going to cost?” There are many factors that can change the price of your installation. However, it typically costs a few hundred dollars per kW.

Figuring out the correct kW usage your business will need plus installation will decide your final cost for a full system. The larger your business and the more electronic devices you use the more kWs you are going to need, which means the bigger the generator you’ll need.

When the power is working as it should, keeping the lights on is as easy as flipping a switch. With a commercial backup generator in the Bay Area, it can also be that easy when the power goes out, but that will require some planning and professional installation services. Gentec is here to help you figure out and understand what your power requirements are and help you find the best solution that will fit your budget.

Don’t settle for standard pricing on your installation, contact us for a custom quote because, without a good look at your business needs, no one will be able to give you an exact quote upfront. The outages are stressful and costly enough without having to pay more than you need to for your generator.

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How Does A Commercial Generator Work?

A commercial generator works like any generator would except they have the capacity to produce much more power for larger buildings and many different devices all at once. They produce power independently of the electric company and are used when the power goes out at your business location. They can switch over automatically or manually depending on your setup. They come in a wide variety of sizes and can operate with different types of fuel.

Commercial Generac GeneratorWe provide superior Generac generators for all of our industrial and commercial clients. These systems are proven to be the most reliable long-lasting, and affordable for almost any situation that your commercial or industrial property will go through.

Besides the unit itself, you will need a transfer switch so, in the case of a shut-off, you can transfer power production from the city electrical grid to your own generator. These transfer switches are required and need to be installed by a properly licensed electrician. Unlike portable generators where you plug your appliances directly in the machine, a commercial backup generator will keep the power on for the whole building and not just what can be plugged into it.

Because of this, you’ll need the transfer switch to ensure you are not back-feeding power from your system into the city electrical grid. If that happens it is dangerous for electrical workers as lines that should be shut off would remain live. You will need permits for this and proper installation.

Do I Need A Permit To Install A Generator Transfer Switch?

Yes, you will need permits for this and proper installation from a licensed electrician. At Gentec, we will handle this all for you. That way you can focus on your business and rest easy knowing whatever happens you will have safe and reliable power for your business with all proper permits and installation in order.

Benefits Of A Commercial Generator

If you are located in an area that gets frequent power losses during the year or for us in the Bay Area, a frequent PGE shut off, then there are many benefits for you. Mainly you’ll be able to ensure that your business can stay up and running on your terms and not at the whim of a power outage.

Types Of Bay Area Commercial Backup Generators

Stationary Generators
Portable Generators

Diesel | Natural Gas
Gasoline | Propane | Duel Fuel

How Much Does A Commercial Generator Cost?

A generator system could range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. A standby generator for your home is not a simple system to add to your home. A quote from Gentec Services offers a custom solution for your home and needs. This new power backup system for your home can become an added level of security for your home. Backup home generators can keep your most important appliances up and running from computers, fridges, and necessary medical devices. The price varies drastically on what equipment you will need for your desired backup generator system for your Bay Area home. There are a lot of things to consider before having a generator installed, but one thing to keep in mind is the increased value of your home. As the Bay Area continues to deal with PG&E cutting power on short notice, the value of a backup generator will increase to potential buyers.

Bay Area Commercial Generators Are Great For:


Retail Stores



Shopping Centers

Grocery Stores


Construction Companies



Gas Stations


What Size Commercial Backup Generator Do You Need

Commercial backup generator sizing will be unique to each and every business. Do you need everything to work like normal or are you just looking to make sure you can keep power to some core operating systems, appliances, and lights? Those concerns, as well as the overall size of your building, will dictate what size you are going to need.

However, Gentec Services is here to help you figure out exactly what you need without being under or overpowered. Our professionals are fully trained in the ins and out of this service and will find the right size generator for you, get all the permits you need, install it and secure it so you can keep things up and running no matter what happens with your local power supply.

Commercial Generac Generator

How Long Does A Commercial Backup Generator Last

Depending on the fuel your system uses and the size of the storage tank on-site, your generator will vary in how long it will keep the lights on. In many cases for businesses located within areas with natural gas lines, you can connect a line to your generator. This will ensure you won’t have to rely on replacing fuel yourself or fuel delivery to keep your lights on.

In almost all cases when the power goes out the gas lines continue to work as they are normally underground. This is great for most businesses including gas stations, doctor’s offices, shelters, schools, and more. With other fuel types, you’ll need to stock and store fuel reserves and consider their shelf life as well for how long your system will work.

As for the overall life of your system with proper installation and regular maintenance check-ups you can expect your system to last for decades as they are well built and long-lasting.

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We understand how frustrating it is to lose business and money during any power outage. Our team is here to help you find the right commercial backup generator installation in the Bay Area that is perfect for your business and budget. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to get you started or answer any questions or concerns you might have about how a generator can be beneficial for your business.

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