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5 Best Walking Trails in Livermore, CA

As spring rears its head, it means warmer weather, green hills, and more time spent in the great outdoors. Our Livermore clients are especially lucky to have a variety of walking trails at their fingertips (check out LARPD for a map of current biking and hiking trails in Livermore).

We’d like to highlight what we think are the best walking trails in Livermore and why we love them – and why you will love them too.

  1. Brushy Peak Regional Preserve

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve a favorite livermore trails hikeBrush Peak is big, spanning over 1800 acres for Livermore trails. This is a great park to take your dog for a walk (as long as it’s on a leash), and you’ll likely encounter other hikers and even mountain bike riders on the various dirt and gravel trails. Brushy Peak is home to many different animals, including red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, meadowlarks, toads, and tree frogs. Some of the trails are more strenuous than others, with steep inclines. But you’ll definitely enjoy the view of the Livermore windmills from the top!

Note that the top of the peak is off limits, and you can only gain access via private tours offered by LARPD.

  1. Sycamore Grove Park

poppies in Sycamore Grove Park a favorite hiking trails in livermore caThis is one of the favorite Livermore trails according to residents. Choose from paved flat walking trails or dirt and gravel trails
that wander off into rolling hills. This 775-acre open space park has public restrooms, picnic tables, water fountains, and barbecues for park-goers. Aside from walking and biking trails, Sycamore Grove also offers equestrian trails. Enjoy the company of deer, squirrels, lizards, butterflies, hawks, and other local wildlife as you stroll through this beautiful nature preserve. Pets on a leash are welcome.

  1. Del Valle Regional Park

A great hiking near Livermore option is Del Valle, offering swimming, hiking, camping, and boating attractions for all to enjoy. Del Valle has a good number of options for hiking near Livermore to choose from, some that stay within the park itself, and others that link up to longer trails. You can even walk from Sycamore Grove Park all the way into this Regional Park via Arroyo Road and the East Shore Trail.

  1. Holdener Park

Holdener Park is full of open grassy areas as well as secret green ravines. It’s a great place to explore with children or pets alike. If you’re looking for a taste of the wild without having to travel out of the Livermore wine country, then Holdener Park is an excellent choice. Make sure to bring your camera with you!

  1. Arroyo Mocho Trail

The Arroyo Mocho Trail follows the Arroyo Mocho Creek, which winds throughout downtown. The path is paved, making it easy for walking, biking, or pushing a stroller. There are various bridges to stop at and enjoy the sounds of the creek underfoot, as well as many access points to the water where you can stop and stare at the tadpoles in spring. This is a family-friendly hiking near Livermore spot that is probably the most easily accessible of the parks listed above.

What’s Your Favorite Walking Trail in Livermore? Tell Us Below

Did we miss your favorite walking trail in Livermore? Leave a comment below and tell us what other Livermore trails are your favorite! And as always we are your hometown choice for electricians in Livermore

We also offer our services in the greater Bay Area including electrician Manteca and more.

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