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10 Ridiculous Light Bulbs You Have to See to Believe

Genius is subjective, but there is no doubt that these are some of the borderline craziest, most imaginative lights we’ve ever seen. In fact, we might be purchasing a few to spice up our office. We won’t be surprised if you do too! We spent a bit of time pondering just how some of these lights were devised. Here’s what we came up with. Let us know if you can do better!









This little gem is sure to have passers by doing a double-take. We think that it was inspired by an affinity for magic, but it might just be this:

Light Bulb 2Plustwo headedequalsLampLamp2




Want one? We do, and this is where you can get it.

Credit Card Lightbulb

Credit Card Light Bulb








Do you hate those little flashlights that weigh down your keychain? You know, the ones that you have to hold down the tiny button on to keep the light going. We hate them too. That’s part of the reason we love this little bright idea.

credit cardPlusLight Bulb 2equalsCredit Card Light Bulb




Cheap, practical and pretty cool all at once. Get one at ThinkGeek now.

Tetris LED Lamp

Tetris Lamp








We admit it. When Tetris first came out, we were addicts. Now that we’re a bona fide success, we can indulge our childhood cravings. And who wouldn’t crave this.

tetrisPlusLEDequalsTetris Lamp 2




There are a hundred places that this lamp can work. We’re contemplating buying four or five and building a little Russian castle!

Diamond Lights









What happens when you have high society taste? This does:

Light Bulb 2PlusGentlemen_Prefer_Blondes_Movie_Trailer_Screenshot_(34)equalsDiamond-Lights




You won’t find these bulbs hanging out just anywhere, though. They may not be made of real diamond, but the way they’re priced you wouldn’t know it.

Light Blub

light blob







Ok, when we first saw these light bulbs there were no words. The only thing that came to mind was this:

Light BulbPlusblobfish_2equalslight blob




The good news (or bad news depending on if you like them or not) is that these are a one of a kind project by artist Pieke Bergmans. He’s done several variations on this theme that you can find here.








If we were going to pick the most useful light on the list, this would be it. Seems super simple.

LEDPlusZiplock bagequalsluminaid

What more needs to be said? This is a game changer.

Insight Lamp

insight lamp







What if we told you we found a really brainy compact fluorescent light bulb? Seriously. This bulb is one of the brightest things we’ve seen in a while. So

CFL bulbPlushuman brain on white backgroundequalsInsight lamp 2




It’s just too bad we couldn’t find a place to buy one!

Melting LED

What happens when you walk into your office and see this?

First thing that comes to mind?

Light Bulb 2Plushot stove topequalsmelted bulb




Well, if you didn’t buy one of these bulbs and still had a molten pool on your desk, call the experts at GENTEC’s Manteca office. You’ll definitely need a pro!








Are you a big reader? Do you find books enlightening? We bet you’ve never seen a book that delivers like this one. The Lumio is best described as





Want to learn more? We sure did. Check out the Kickstarter that’s making the Lumio more than fiction!

Wrecking Ball

This last one is a little nod to all of you who secretly wonder what would happen if Miley Cyrus left her life as a pop icon to run her own business. Here’s what we think might happen.





Here’s the real story behind this one-of-a-kind sculpture.

Have you seen anything nearly as strange or innovative as these? If so, we want to know about it. Nothing gets an electrician amped like crazy light bulbs.


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