Serving your heating & air conditioning repair, replacement, and maintenance needs in Pleasanton CA

The professionals at GENTEC HVAC service are Diamond certified Pleasanton HVAC contractors. Our dedication to top tier service starts with our initial phone consultation and continues well after the service has been complete. We pride ourselves on being your go to source for answers about all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you need a simple air filter replacement or a full air conditioning refrigerant recharge, we can get it done.

Pleasanton HVAC Air Conditioning Repair

Our Pleasanton air conditioning repair team is comprised of individuals with specialized skills. We’ve recruited the best of the best techs to handle all manners of air conditioner repair and installation including:Two Pleasanton HVAC air conditioning units installed

• Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning
• Refrigerant level checks
• Fan motor blade check
• Indoor blower motor service
• Leak detection
• Electrical systems checks
• Lubrication
• Air filter inspection and replacement
• Thermostat check
• Ductwork inspection and cleaning

Once a GENTEC contractor is on site he will ask you a few preliminary questions before setting to work. If the problem is larger than was first indicated, you will be shown the problem area and given options on how to handle it. We will always suggest the safest and most stable repair so you won’t have to worry about the system failing again anytime soon. We will also set up a preventative maintenance schedule to help prevent future failures.

Pleasanton HVAC Furnace Repair

GENTEC’s Pleasanton furnace repair techs work on gas and oil based furnaces as well as all-in-one systems. One of the most unfortunate things about furnaces is that they can continue working even when there is a major problem with them. When they finally stop working, it’s almost never an easy fix. That’s why we suggest having your furnace checked at least once a year. Our techs will check for:Pleasanton HVAC repair man services broken home furnace

• Heat exchanger cracks or deterioration
• Burner soot
• Fan switch adjustment
• Pilot assembly condition
• Safety and pressure switches
• Gas line leaks
• Shut off valve condition
• Combustion openings
• Flue pipe condition
• Panel security
• Motor and bearing lubrication
• Belt and pulley systems
• Air filter status
• Thermostat calibration

This inspection will reveal any issues that are starting to hinder the performance of your furnace. It will also determine if your system is producing excess carbon monoxide that could spill over into your living spaces. This danger usually comes from poorly cleaned burners in conjunction with a deteriorating heat exchanger. This combination, if not handled immediately, can put your family in serious danger. Contact our Pleasanton HVAC heating and cooling team today and get this full inspection and make sure your family is safe.

Our Pleasanton Electricians Are Ready to Serve

Next time that you’re in the market for a Pleasanton electricians, you won’t have to look far. Our electricians in Pleasanton are every bit as skilled, friendly, and dependable as our HVAC team, so you can always count on us for exceptional service. Visit our Pleasanton electrical page to learn more now.