Air Filtration Repair & Installation

Covering maintenance, installation, repair, and cleaning of air filtration systems

Air Purifier by HolmesThe quality of the air in your home has a direct relationship to the way you feel. If you have allergies or suffer from asthma, poor indoor air quality can cause you to suffer needlessly. Every time you walk in the door you bring allergens into your home on your shoes and clothing. If you have carpet, fabric covered furniture or thick draperies, these allergens get trapped in the fabric and are released whenever the carpet is stepped on, the furniture is sat in or the draperies are opened or closed.  They are sucked up into your ventilation system through the air intake vents and directed toward the furnace or air conditioner. Your furnace filter will catch some of these allergens, but not all of them.

We suggest the addition of a Biocide Chamber that installs above and below your air conditioning coils. These UV lamps seek out and kill bacteria and mold in the air. This will lead to a marked reduction in mold, mildew and other allergens in the air which in turn will reduce the number of asthma attacks, sinus infections and sneezing. The Biocide Chamber will also reduce the rate of air conditioner coil corrosion and Freon leaks. If you have severe allergies or need ultra clean, hospital quality air, we can also install HEPA Air Cleaners and Bioguard powered filters that work with all existing HVAC systems as either direct components or stand alone filter systems.