Danville HVAC

Covering air conditioner repair, furnace maintenance, and all of your Danville HVAC needs

Danville HVAC Tech can help keep your home the right temperatureGENTEC’s Danville HVAC service covers your entire heating and cooling system. Whether you have frozen evaporator coils or warm air blowing out of your cold air vents, we can get it fixed fast. Not only that, we can make sure it stays that way. This is part of the reason we’re a Diamond certified company.

Air Conditioner Repair in Danville

The GENTEC air conditioning and Danville HVAC repair team is familiar with every major brand and model of air conditioner in the area. We can diagnose and repair everything from clogged drain lines to full resistor burn out on the main control board. No matter what the reason your air conditioner stopped working is, we’ll have it up and running within a few hours if it is possible. Of course, if you’ve called us because there is black smoke pouring out of the outside unit, you may have waited a bit too long to save it.

If you had our Danville HVAC preventative maintenance plan, it never would have gotten that bad, and you’d be sitting back enjoying your cool interior without a care in the world. Our techs are specially trained to recognize and repair tiny issues before they grow into major repairs. A simple cleaning and adjustment service once a year can keep your Danville air conditioner running problem free for years to come.

Danville HVAC Furnace Repair

Keep your home cool with a Danville HVACGENTEC’s Danville furnace repair team has the tools and the talent to fix your furnace fast. While speed is always a plus, our techs are extremely thorough. A furnace is potentially the most dangerous piece of equipment in your home. If flue gases are not vented properly from your home they can build up and cause illness and even death. Other problems with the system, like a malfunctioning thermocouple, could allow a dangerous build up of natural gas, that when ignited, could blow a hole in your utility room wall.

Danville HVAC Tech using ladder to get to AC UnitOur Danville HVAC heating techs will check for these major problems as well as all of the following:

•    Blower motor inspection
•    Fan belt checks
•    Air filter replacement
•    Thermocouple inspection
•    Gas line inspection
•    Shut off valve testing
•    Temperature and pressure checks
•    Carbon monoxide check
•    Flue vent inspection
•    Dust and debris build up
•    Burner chamber inspection
•    Plenum check
•    Heat exchanger inspection and repair

Call GENTEC for all of your heating and cooling issues in both the Danville and Blackhawk area. We can help you save money and keep your system running at peak performance the whole year round. We take pride in our Diamond status and are ready to show you what Danville HVAC Diamond level service really means.

 Electrical Repairs & Installation in Danville

Gentec Services, Inc. is also available for all your electrical repair & installation needs in Danville, CA. Visit our Danville electrician page to learn more about our services.