Alamo HVAC Repair & Installation

Air conditioner repair, furnace installation & more

Alamo HVAC Techs can keep the temperature cool in your homeGentec’s Alamo HVAC contractors are experts in every area of heating and cooling. Your entire heating and cooling system is in good hands when you call us. It doesn’t matter what issue you have, warm air blowing from your ducts instead of a nice cool breeze, or iced up evaporator coils creating a frosty sensation in your outside unit, we’ve seen, and fixed, it all. And, because we are a Diamond Certified contractor, you know you’ll be getting the best service, guaranteed.

Air Conditioning Repair in Alamo

Efficiently running AC units from Gentec Alamo HVAC TechsThe Alamo air conditioning repair team is familiar with every major brand and model of air conditioner in the area. No matter what the reason your unit stopped working is, we’ll have it up and running within a few hours if it is possible. In some cases, the repair may be so costly that it makes more sense to purchase a new one. This is especially true if your unit is over 5 years old. Newer units are up to 30% more efficient and run on R-410 Freon, instead of the old R-22 that is currently being phased out of production. Maintenance on these older units is going to get quite expensive as the supply of R-22 dries up in the next several years.

Alamo HVAC Preventative Maintenance

We offer a preventative maintenance plan on both new and older A/C units that will keep you from having unexpected maintenance needs. Our techs are specially trained to recognize and repair tiny issues before they grow into major repairs. In most cases, a routine cleaning and adjustment service can keep your Alamo air conditioner running problem free for the entire season.

Furnace Repair

Gentec’s Alamo HVAC furnace repair team has the tools and the talent to fix your furnace fast. Even though we are fast, that doesn’t mean we aren’t thorough. A furnace is potentially the most dangerous piece of equipment in your home so we treat it with the respect it requires. If the vent system is compromised it could lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide in the home, which could be potentially deadly. Other problems with the system, like a malfunctioning thermocouple, could allow a dangerous build up of natural gas, that when ignited, could cause major damage to your home and anyone inside.

Alamo HVAC tech cleaning a blowerOur Alamo heating techs will check for these major problems as well as all of the following:

  • Blower motor inspection
  • Fan belt checks
  • Air filter replacement
  • Thermocouple inspection
  • Gas line inspection
  • Shut off valve testing
  • Temperature and pressure checks
  • Carbon monoxide check
  • Flue vent inspection
  • Dust and debris build up
  • Burner chamber inspection
  • Plenum check
  • Heat exchanger inspection and repair

Call Gentec for all of your heating and cooling issues in the Alamo area. We can help you save money and keep your system running at peak performance the whole year round. We take pride in our Diamond status and are ready to show you what Diamond level service really means.

Our Electricians Also Serve Alamo, CA!

Service doesn’t stop with just your air conditioning. We cover full residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services, including installation and repair. Whether you need an automated manufacturing solution, a CCTV installation, or just a few new outlets in your garage, our electricians are ready for it. To learn more, visit our Alamo electricians page.